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Post-Bye Week, Previewing CWL Week 4

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Last week almost all of the teams had a bye week. Only three, FaZe Clan, Rise Nation, and OpTic Gaming had competitive matches to play. The trio of FaZe, Rise, and OG traveled to France to play against some of the best teams from around the world in ESWC’s championship weekend. OpTic rallied to win a second consecutive tournament championship. Rise would place second, and FaZe finished in a tie for fifth.

However, with the bye week comes preparation for this week’s action in CoD World League. CWL matchups are littered with great competition as we return in week four of Stage Two.

The matchup of the week has to be a tie between two battles of 3-1 teams. Both matchups feature Rise. Tomorrow the second place finishers from Stage One will battle against FaZe for sole possession of first place. On Wednesday, things don’t get any easier for Rise as they’ll play Dream Team. We could see major shakeups at the top of the standings with all of the matchups this weekend.

Currently, a four-way tie for first between FaZe, Rise, H2K, and DT highlights the standings. It could very easily look different, however. OpTic felt like lag issues during their week two match made it nearly impossible for them to win. That allowed H2K to take the win. They were clearly upset, even mocking the refs by running non-standard classes at one point. The guys from OG thought that the officials should have let them reset the match as they played down a man, 4 – versus – 3 most of the night.

OG looks to get back on pace, and if last weekend is any indication, they’ll be just fine.

Lag issues have hindered CoD since a small April update. With the most recent May update that brought many changes to CoD online, they hope things are fixed.

One match to watch for will be the late game on Thursday. Luminosity dealt Rise its lone loss two weeks ago and will be playing in an important match against EnVy as they both look to break the .500 mark this week.

This week will likely set the pace for the second half of the season as we’re to the point when things start to shake out. With a four-way tie atop the standings, there are also four tied in the second half, all at 2-2. The bottom four teams are looking to avoid relegation at the end of the Stage and will need to rebound off of the early bye week in order to position themselves to make a late run.

Coming off of another weekend of exciting championship action in Europe, we now turn our heads back to CWL action as it’s week four of the second stage.


Tuesday, May, 11th

5:00 P.M. Dream Team (3-1) v.s. 100 Thieves (1-3)

6:30 P.M. Team eLevate (1-3) v.s. Team SoloMid (1-3)

8:00 P.M. FaZe Clan (3-1) v.s. Rise Nation (3-1)

9:30 P.M. compLexity Gaming (1-3) v.s. OpTic Gaming (2-2)

11:00 P.M. H2K (3-1) v.s. Cloud9 (2-2)

Wednesday, May, 12th

5:00 P.M. Rise Nation (3-1) v.s. Dream Team (3-1)

6:30 P.M. Team EnVyUs (2-2) v.s FaZe Clan (3-1)

8:00 P.M. Team SoloMid (1-3) v.s. OpTic Gaming (2-2)

9:30 P.M. Luminosity Gaming (2-2) v.s. H2K (3-1)

11:00 P.M. Cloud9 (2-2) v.s. Team eLevate (1-3)

Thursday, May, 13th 

5:00 P.M. 100 Thieves (1-3) v.s. compLexity Gaming (1-3)

9:30 P.M. Luminosity Gaming (2-2) v.s. Team EnVyUs (2-2)

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