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The Playbook: Truth Slayer

Midship. Heretic. Truth. This map is one of the most legendary in competitive Halo history. Truth, Halo 5’s rendition of this map, carries the torch forward and remains a fan-favorite. In the Halo Championship Series, this map is played on Team Slayer and Capture the Flag. Today, let’s get a rundown of how you can dominate your enemies on Truth Slayer.


Weapons and Power Ups

Truth relies more on your Magnum skill than that of several other maps in the HCS. That said, it does have a number of

The Active Camo, located at Pink 1

destructive tools to help you get the job done.

The most important of these is the Active Camouflage, which rests at Pink 1. Re-spawning every two minutes after being picked up, the Camo allows players to sneak into enemy controlled areas and get easy kills in order to regain control of key points of the map. Be sure to time this, as clutch plays with the Camo can bring a team back from the brink of defeat.

The Battle Rifle spawns at Pink 2, and the Carbine at Car 2. Both of these weapons are incredibly important, as they allow players to win long distance fights against others who are only carrying Magnums and Assault Rifles.

Top Mid, featuring the Sword at its old stomping grounds.


The Storm Rifle spawns at Bottom Mid, allowing players to melt others when in close range. The Energy Sword spawns at Top Mid, allowing players to kill others in a single hit when close. Both of these weapons are at their best when combined with the Camo.




Strategy: Flip-flop

Off the initial spawn, immediately make a push to gain control of the tower areas. A popular strategy is to overload the

The Car 2 area, viewed from Top Mid.

Pink side, as the Camo spawns there. Ideally, have two people rush to Pink 1 to battle for the Camo while another sits in their base’s window to land shots on enemies who have the same idea. The fourth player could either go top mid to also assist in securing the Camo or to Car 2 to contest that power position.

The key to winning Truth Slayer is having constant control of the Pink and Car towers. With rifles being located in these areas, teams can use them to rain fire down on enemies who are either in base or looking to push into one of the towers. The advantage of range will allow BR and Carbine users to frequently win gunfights against their Magnum-wielding opponents. However, those who set up in these towers need to be mindful of players who are able to close the gap, as the Sword, Storm Rifle, or even Assault Rifle can quickly turn the tables in a close engagement.

Once a team has control of the towers, it becomes a game of collapsing on fresh spawns. If the Blue team pushes out of their base and secures both towers without pushing too far into the Red side of the map, the Red team will once again spawn in the Red Base.  From there, the Blue team can collapse on the enemy players as they re-spawn on the Red side. After clearing out the Red base, the Blue team should then return to controlling the towers. This will allow them to collapse on the Blue base. Do note that in Slayer, spawns are not locked to a specific point and can change, meaning that if the Blue Team pushes into the Red base, the Red team will begin to spawn on the Blue side, and vice-versa.

The Red Base, as viewed from it’s window.

Always know when Camo is coming up. If your team is in control, use it for sneakier kills when collapsing onto bases. When you’re on the back foot, use it to sneak into one of the towers, preferably with a Sword or Storm Rifle. If you can gain control of one of the towers, you’re in prime position to fight for the other, as well as fight for the game.

These strategies are very general and will not apply to every case. Be sure that you as a player are conscious of what is happening around the map at all times and that you prepare according to the context of the game at hand. Slayer is also tactically a bit less complicated then other modes, but is nevertheless important. Good luck and make sure your opponents only see the re-spawn screen!

This is Truth CTF, but I HAD to include something to make me look good 🙂

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