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PAX West: Best of the Rest

This year’s PAX West convention once again showcased some amazing games for fans to get excited about in the coming months. From big games like Borderlands 3 to indie gems like Jamestown+. With videos on some of those games already on The Game Haus Youtube channel, there are still quite a few games that didn’t receive any love. So here is a look at a few of these games!

Wave Break

Image courtesy of: Funktronic Labs

The only game in this list with competitive aspirations in their future plans, Wave Break is an interesting and unique FPS where characters ride speedboats. This combination provides a great game for fans of fast paced FPS games and the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. With a beautiful Miami Vice style aesthetic, the game itself also looks and feels great as you speed through the water pulling off amazing tricks.

With the game set for an official release in 2020, there’s still plenty of time before finding out how the game feels in a true competitive setting. But based on a brief play-through, the game could find a spot in the current esports environment with the variety of possible game modes to compete in.  

To learn more about Wave Break or to join their pre-release alpha check out their website!

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Image courtesy of: Tactical Adventures

A great game for fans of Dungeons and Dragons but can’t seem to get their group together enough to satisfy their desire for DnD. Solasta is a fun RPG game that operates like DnD. With unique and well-made settings and maps, Solasta is able to provide players a great tabletop experience with even more exploration than your average DnD game thanks to the environments they have created. Along with that, the ability to customize your four playable characters allows every play-through to feel fun and different thanks to how they act and their relationships with other characters in the game. For a digital game, this may be the closest players will get to the usual DnD experience when playing by themselves.

To learn more about Solasta or to back them on Kickstarter check out their website


Image courtesy of: EGGNUT

This was a personal favorite. Backbone is a detective adventure game set in a dystopian Vancouver, BC. The game has you controlling Howard Lotor, a raccoon private eye as you explore various locations in Vancouver to solve cases. With familiar landmarks and setting for Vancouver residents, a great jazz soundtrack and a great story overall, Backbone is set to be a great experience for players. In general, with its simple but smooth gameplay, Backbone is set to be a very entertaining game to play in 2020.

To learn more about Backbone or to get their playable demo prologue check out their website!

A Fold Apart

Image courtesy of: Lightning Rod Games

A Fold Apart is a puzzle game that explores long-distance relationships. By solving puzzles by folding paper, you help a teacher and architect navigate and work through the various issues of a long-distance relationship (miscommunication, emotions/struggles of being separated, etc.). While the puzzles are simple but fun, the general tone of the game is heartwarming and wholesome from the art style to the music. Despite the general theme of the game, it’s a fun experience for everyone and for those that are in long-distance relationships, this game will feel great to play and experience.

To learn more about A Fold Apart check out their website!

BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

Image courtesy of: Big Way Games

If the title of the game hasn’t set the tone of the game then nothing else really can. With all the references in the world and some “mature” humor, BDSM won’t be for everyone (try not to take that out of context). But if the humor is your style, then you’re set to play a fun arcade-style top-down shoot ’em up. With plenty of weapons and upgrade options, BDSM provides a decent amount of customization. Along with some fun boss fights and stage environments, BDSM can be a fun game to turn the brain off and just enjoy after a long day.  

To learn more about BDSM check out their website!

Featured image courtesy of Penny Arcade

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