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Paris Eternal: Stage 1 Week 3 Preview

Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal have had quite the start to their inaugural season in Overwatch League. They started out with a win against the previous World Champions London Spitfire. Paris showed a lot of bright spots and cemented themselves as the kings of Europe for the moment. Everyone’s eyes were on their game against the Los Angeles Gladiators. Gladiators were coming in with a 1-1 record and something to prove against what some fans consider to be the best GOATs team in the league.

Review of Last Week

Los Angeles Gladiators 1-1

From the first map of Nepal, it looked like Paris were going to casually take the map in a 2-0 as their Mei/GOATs composition shut out the Gladiators. Unfortunately, when the team was put back onto normal GOATs and Terence “SoOn” Tarlier was pushed back onto the Zarya there were some clear errors on his part that were hindering his team from winning team fights that they should be winning. The rest of Nepal SoOn had a rough time hitting Graviton Surges and it was a trend that cost them. Gladiators were able to come back and take Nepal.

Numbani looked much better for Paris. While there were still a few hiccups from the SoOn, Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson and Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait were able to help Paris in a big way. Especially when it came to their D.Va bombs and Earth Shatters respectively. It certainly wasn’t as clean as they would’ve liked but they did just enough to beat the Gladiators.

Paris looked like they were going to crush Anubis when it began. Their GOATs composition rolled over the Gladiators and they had timebank advantage for the majority of the match. However, in the last moments of the match where Paris only needed to take a tick off of Point B, the same issues with their ult economy came up. They were held to a draw and we would go to a deciding map 4 on Dorado.

Ultimates were thrown around left and right on this map and it seemed like it could’ve gone either way. In fact if not for the heroics of flex support Damien “HyP” Souville having an amazing stall on Tracer, Paris very easily could’ve lost the match entirely. Paris scratched and clawed their way to the golden box of victory leaving it until the final seconds as it had been all match.

Results: Paris Wins 2-1

Player of the Game: Finnsi

While Paris is best as a unit of 6, there was someone who stood out with their play in this series and that was Finnsi. Specifically, on his D.Va he had some very clutch moments that won Paris various team fights. Whether it was a clutch self-destruct at the end of a fight or eating the enemy Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Finnsi proved that he is just as big a part of the Paris team as the other 5 members.

Preview of this week

Atlanta Reign: 2-1

Atlanta has looked like a playoff caliber team in their first few matches. This specific game has intrigue as it most likely gives the winner control of third place depending on how other games around the league go. Atlanta has shown an ability to bring out compositions that enemy teams aren’t used to seeing. This is due mostly to the absurd amount of flexibility their players have. This will be another test for Paris to see just how good they are against good opposition. So far only having one match a week we are slowly starting to getting a better grasp on who Paris truly is. This matchup against Atlanta will be another rung on the ladder as they try to climb towards being the best GOATs team in the league.

Player to watch: SoOn

SoOn had a very rough game on Zarya against the Los Angles Gladiators and it cost his team a couple of times over the series. Coming up against the Reign, SoOn will have to tighten up his Zarya play specifically if they want to have a better chance to beat Atlanta.




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