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P1 Tweek is the best Bayonetta, and he doesn’t even main her

Bayonetta is without a doubt the best character in smash 4. More and more top players are beginning to pocket this character and use her to cover their bad match-ups. While it’s gotten nowhere near as bad as brawl Meta Knight, more players are picking up the character. However out of all the players who have picked up the character, none were more interesting than P1 Tweek. A Cloud/Donkey Kong main who picked up Bayonetta as a secondary, and turned her into his best character.

Reinventing the character

Gavin ” Tweek” Dempsey began his smash 4 career maining Bowser Jr. and Donkey Kong. This all changed when Cloud was released as a DLC character. Tweek quickly picked up the character and became a dominant force with him. As of the beginning this year it’s been pretty widely accepted that Tweek was the best Cloud player in the world, and that hasn’t changed. However Tweek recently added a new character to his arsenal, that has pushed him to an even higher level.

Tweek’s Bayonetta is pushing the characters meta in a very interesting direction: Twitch

To be as blunt as possible Tweek is the undisputed best Bayonetta player in the world right now. There are a group of exceptional Bayonetta players in the PGR right now, and they each have a unique play style. Tweek however is on a much different level.


Out of the 5 best Bayonetta players (P1 Tweek, P1 Captain Zack, ERG Lima, EMG Mistake, and Liquid Salem) Tweek’s Bayonetta is the most special. Tweek in my opinion has redefined just what this character can do. He utilizes every single tool in her kit to take stocks in the most creative of fashions. Every Bayonetta player uses the character differently, but Tweek’s is by far the most Dynamic.


Bayonetta is a character that thrives in the air. She uses her great air mobility and deadly specials to carry her opponents to the top blast zone. What separates Tweek from his counterparts is how well he incorporates her aerials into his combos. Tweek uses Bayo’s Aerials like no other player, and always comes through with amazing combos. His constant innovation is not only advancing the characters meta, but also making him one of the toughest players to face.

Outpacing the competition

P1 Tweek’s results in the Bayonetta ditto speak for themselves

All of this character innovation means nothing however, if you don’t win. But P1 Tweek not only gets great results with Bayonetta, he gets those results against other Bayonetta’s. Tweek dominates the Bayonetta ditto by a landslide. He holds big tournament wins against, Liquid Salem, EMG Mistake and P1 Captain Zack. All of these victories coming in a dominant fashion. While some players might be confused as to why Tweek is so proficient at the Bayonetta Match-up, there definitely is a method to his madness.


He didn’t start off as a Bayonetta main and some may argue he still isn’t one. However he spent a lot of time fighting against Bayonetta players and learning how to beat the character. This method of learning how to beat the character before picking her up gave him a huge advantage over other Bayo’s.

Liquid Salem, the current #2 best player in the world has gone on record to say that he doesn’t like the Bayonetta ditto match-up, and Tweek certainly abused this when he beat him at Frostbite 2018. Tweek consistently wins at the ditto and it is no coincidence. His dedication to figuring out the character before picking her up has made him the best Bayonetta player in the world and an absolute force to be reckoned with. It’s no surprise that he’s been on the rise as of late and he will definitely ranking higher on the PGR this season. It’s just amazing that he’s doing it with a character that he started using as a secondary.

Do you think P1 Tweek is the best Bayonetta Player? Let us Know in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of SSBWorld.

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