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Overwatch: Sombra nerf possibly incoming


Overwatch’s favorite hacker recently received a buff. Boosting her hack has allowed Sombra to join the Overwatch meta since her speedy hacks have outweighed the tweaks to her ultimate. These buffs, it seems, were too much. Many fans have complained about the speed of it, as it allows a minimal window of time to react. She’s almost impossible to stop if she catches you by surprise.

I’m the Quick, you’re the dead

Courtesy of Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment

If only we could all be like McCree. His voice line sums up how you have to be to catch Sombra when she’s hacking you. You’re most likely dead if you don’t. Her hacking speed increased, only taking 0.65 seconds to disable abilities. With that small of a reaction window, you best be quick about it. Her hack also disables more abilities. Movement abilities like Mercy’s guardian angel, Genji’s wall-climb, and even Pharah’s jetpack are no match for Sombra.

The boost to her hack has also granted her increased range. This range can be infuriating when flying high in the skies as Pharah, only to begin plummeting from a half-second hack. Giving her some form of vertical range drop-off could be a great answer to this, as she could always translocate in the air and hack Pharah that way.

The Buff got Sombra mostly right

Courtesy of Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra’s tweak to her ultimate feels much more natural. Gone are the days of every fight on Volskaya involving an EMP. With the extra abilities effected, a greatly placed EMP feels extra good. Sombra is in the offense category for a reason, she’s not meant to be a healer. It’s great utility, and makes sense as an offensive preventative, but taking away the Ultimate charge gain from it feels right.

The accuracy boost granted to her pistol also feels great. Sombra is now able to pump out much more consistent amounts of damage at closer ranges. Couple this with a five second increase in her Translocater ability, and she’s almost a second Tracer. Everything Blizzard tweaked about Sombra works, except her insane hack.

I get that she’s one of the world’s best hackers, but completely melting Zenyatta’s is downright savage. Landing a speedy, sneaky hack onto a Zenyatta leaves the poor Omnic with 50 health. With the added accuracy boost, that’s one support down almost immediately. Sure, the Sombra might get taken down after the kill, but I’d trade offense for a support any day.


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