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Overwatch League: What To Do Before Season Two (Part Two)

Looking for something to do to bridge the gap between Season One and Season Two of the Overwatch League? Look no further, as TGH is here to help! In our previous edition, we recommended that you try out some Twitch streams from some OWL casters and players. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, there’s still plenty to do before OWL comes back.

Part Two: Focus On Your (Summer) Games Instead of Overwatch League!

This seems to be somewhat plain to say, but there really is no better time to play Overwatch than between OWL seasons. Especially during the late summer months.

Overwatch League
Courtesy of egmnow

If watching streams doesn’t quite satisfy your need for action, then playing some competitive games certainly will. Just watch your SR go up (or down) with every win (or loss)!  There’s a new hero to play/destroy, Hammo- I mean Wrecking Ball  and best of all, the Summer Games start today!

The Summer update to our favorite six-person team-shooter featuring sentient animals will be sure to delight veteran players and newbies alike! It’s always a great time of year to grind those loot boxes for the sweet, sweet skins. This could potentially help more experienced players out, in a way. The release of the Summer Games update probably will end up diverting a large number of people from Competitive to Arcade in order to get the limited-edition skins.

Summer Skins = Best Skins

And boy, are these 2018 Summer skins something! Check ‘em out below!



This isn’t even mentioning that you can get all of the older Summer Games skins during this event too! Definitely a good time to play Arcade! Speaking of Arcade mode, we’ve yet to discuss (arguably) the best part of the Summer Games! While the skins are definitely cool, there’s something exciting that a lot of us are looking forward to more:


Not only is this arcade game a great way to earn XP, but it’s a very good way to practice everyone’s favorite Brazilian audio mercenary! You’re basically playing speed-boosted soccer with all the boops a Lucio main could want. On a personal note, I wonder if they’re going to introduce Hammon – er, Wrecking Ball – into the game? He is a ball, so it’s only fitting.

Overwatch League
Courtesy of @PlayOverwatch Twitter

Since we’re on the topic of Lucioball, there’s a potential opportunity to earn money from your ballin’! If you’re a current college student, that is. Tespa, Blizzard’s collegiate esports competition organization, is hosting a Lucioball Tournament! 1st place gets $100 in their balance! Check it out here if you’re interested!


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