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Overwatch League: What To Do Before Season Two (Part Three)

Overwatch League

If the end of the Inaugural Season of Overwatch League has got you down, don’t fret! TGH has got your back with some suggestions on what to do to fill time in between seasons. In our first installment, we gave shout-outs to shoutcasters’ and players’ streams. In our second edition, we introduced the Summer Games update, featuring some of the skins and game modes in one of the best Overwatch events of the year. This time, we’ll ask you to do more of what you’re doing right now. That is, reading about Overwatch and/or the Overwatch League.

Clearly, there may be some bias here. Even so, reading is (and always has been) a great Summer activity to beat the heat. So if Twitch streams and playing more Overwatch doesn’t satisfy you, then try reading about it!

Reading About the Overwatch League is a Good Resource

Overwatch League

A great benefit of reading Overwatch League-related articles is that you can vicariously live out some of the greatest moments of the best games. Additionally, you can learn more about the game and its players than by just watching it. You can learn directly from the players themselves with some interview articles. 

Another great reason to read articles is because you can learn more in-depth strategies and the thinking behind them simply by reading a page or two. Not everything can be learned by watching alone, so understanding the logic behind some strategies will certainly pay off for competitive players.

Lastly, reading about the Overwatch League will give you a better understanding of what goes right or wrong in a match. Even more so, it will give you a larger vocabulary to deal with issues that you might not know were there. You’ll learn more of the dynamics of competitive play and be better equipped to communicate with your team. And as we all should know, communication is key to success (especially in competitive communities).

Here Are a Few Examples:

Overwatch League
Courtesy of Overwatch League

To learn more about the Overwatch League proper, a great resource is the Overwatch League website itself. Since the information is coming straight out of the horse’s mouth so-to-speak, you know that it will be directly related to the sport we already miss so much. A good example is the most recent article on their website that details hero swapping mid-game and its benefits.

Another great resource is the website you’re on right now! Smaller websites like TGH are great hubs for unique content. For example, our own Katrina Weil has a couple great interview articles with Evie “HamTornado” Feng. Feng is a caster/analyst for South American Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch Open Division. You can learn more about the process of becoming a caster and much more by reading Part One here!


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