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Overwatch League: What to do before Season Two (Part TEN)

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The Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season was truly a spectacle to behold. Rivalries were formed, expectations were surpassed (or not lived up to) and history was made. Now that all the show and dance is done with, it’s easy to believe that there’s nothing to fill that Overwatch League craving. Well, TGH has been here to help for nine previous editions of this series. TGH has given you an assortment of activities and content to keep you busy while the Overwatch League takes its break. We’ve covered Twitch channelsthe Summer Games updateOverwatch articles, the Overwatch World CupAll-Star Weekend, the new D.Va-centric cinematic/mapSeason Twelve of Competitive, the past OWWC Weekend & Tespa Tournament and the most recent patch update!

For our tenth and final edition in this series, TGH wants to take you back to the good ol’ days. Back when Dallas Fuel and the Seoul Dynasty were thought to be the top teams. When Mercy could resurrect entire team fights. Back when the Shanghai Dragons had some hope to win.


TGH will take you there in this final edition of What To Do Before Season Two!


Overwatch League
Courtesy Overwatch League

If you’re a fan of the Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel rivalry, you may think that the Outlaws beat the Fuel every time they faced. You’d be partly right. Houston won The ‘Texas Showdown’ every time in the regular season. However, in the preseason Dallas managed to pull a win over the Outlaws upon their first meet. Check out the VOD here!


Overwatch League
Courtesy Overwatch League

For those that prefer the Spitfire and supported them throughout the season, let’s take a look at the Stage One Playoffs. Spitfire started and finished strong in the Overwatch League. Everyone knows from their recent Barclays bout that London won the trophy. Less may remember the time they gave the New York Excelsior a crushing defeat. Check out that VOD here!


Overwatch League
Courtesy Overwatch League

Lastly, for the fans of the underdogs, let’s move ahead to Stage Four Week Four. The second match of the first day of games was between the lowest ranked teams, the Shanghai Dragons and Florida Mayhem. Most may remember that the Dragons did not earn any W’s in the regular season, but less may recall the time that they almost got rid of their goose egg. This was the closest game for Shanghai to date. The tension was palpable and the crowd was hyped. Check out that VOD here!

The Overwatch League Lives On

The Overwatch League certainly captured the hearts of everyone involved. The fans made amazing signs and cosplay, the talent had great analysis and breakdowns and the teams made the games incredibly entertaining. It’s certainly something that die-hard Overwatch fans won’t soon forget.

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