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Overwatch League: What to do before Season Two (Part Seven)

Overwatch League

We’re in the midst of a long hiatus in between Overwatch League seasons, sadly. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do! Even though TGH has already made a few (six) suggestions for you to try, it doesn’t mean we’re done yet! If Twitch channels, the Summer Games update, Overwatch articles, the Overwatch World Cup, All-Star Weekend and the new D.Va-centric cinematic/map aren’t enough, then you’re like me and you’ve got an Overwatch addiction.

Overwatch League
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To further curb your cravings for all things Overwatch League, try your hand(s) at the newest season of Competitive play! If you’re a die-hard OWL fan and you have yet to try comp, try it. It’s easily both the most satisfying and frustrating way to play Overwatch. With classic hits like throwers, snowballs, full-holds and questionable team comps, what’s not to like? All joking aside, Competitive play holds up to its namesake. It offers the highest-octane, adrenaline-fueled, eye-tiring Overwatch play that comes close to feeling like you’re in the Overwatch League.

Ana Makes a Comeback!

Overwatch League
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Now in its twelfth season, the meta-game has shifted yet again to favoring certain heroes and team compositions over others. According to Overwatch Central in their preliminary findings about Season Twelve, it seems as if Ana mains are all the rage. With Ana’s pick-rate soaring and nearing an all-time high, it’s prime time to play everyone’s favorite one-eyed sniper grandma. Her newly-adjusted ultimate offers additional healing coupled with additional damage output and defense so now Ana’s Nano Boost is more of a game-changer than ever.


Overwatch League
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If your team’s Genji is nearing his ultimate and spamming ‘I need healing,’ give him your Nano Boost to heal him to full health and watch him slay the enemy team with his Nano Blade. Or alternatively, if you and your team are feeling confident, Nano Boost your Lucio for the classic Boostio strategy. Let me follow this last example up with a disclaimer: I’m not responsible for your (likely) SR loss for suggesting Boostio play. It’s just a fun thing to do if you’re feeling good about your team’s ability to carry.

Keep in mind you don’t have to play Ana in Season Twelve to compete. Play anything you want (within reason) and just try to have fun! Competitive is best when the whole team is in good spirits.

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