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Overwatch League: What To Do Before Season Two (Part One)

Since the Overwatch League Grand Finals ended late last week, some of us OWL fans have a certain void to fill. We had so much fun keeping up with the Inaugural Season that most of us don’t know what to do now.

Well, TGH is here to help by offering a few suggestions that should help scratch that OWL itch!

Part One: Overwatch Twitch Broadcasts

The biggest replacement for a proper Overwatch League match would be watching some Overwatch Twitch broadcasts! There are many options when it comes to Twitch. It really depends on what you’re in the mood for watching.

For those wanting some high octane semi-pro Overwatch, look no further than the Overwatch Contenders! With a whopping 84 teams from across the globe, you should easily be able to find a team to support during OWL’s off-season. Although the Contenders are in their second week of playoffs right now, they still have six weeks to go before the top two teams compete. Also, you can check out the Overwatch Contenders VODs on their Twitch or YouTube pages to see some high quality gameplay and commentary.

Shoutcasters Are Streamers Too!

However, following off-season matches may not entirely fill the OWL-shaped hole in your soul. You probably miss some of the League’s commentators, shoutcasters, and players. Luckily for you, most of the Overwatch League talent have Twitch pages of their own!

Overwatch League
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

First up is everybody’s favorite OWL host: Mr. Chris Puckett. Lately, he and Soe have been trying to climb the ranks and get past plat. Also, Puckett occasionally plays some games with his subs, which are fun to watch! Check his Twitch channel out here, and check out Soe’s here!

If you’re still missing some of the analysts, don’t fret! Bren, Sideshow, Reinforce and Crumbzz all have their own Twitch channels too! And lastly for the OWL talent, Uber, Mr. X, DoA and MonteCristo also have their own Twitch Broadcasts. Click on any of their names to get to their Twitch page!

Watch Overwatch League Players Dominate!

Next, if you’re looking to support a specific OWL player or

Overwatch League
Photo taken at Overwatch League Player Summit before Preseason started. Courtesy of @FuelFanZero Twitter and InvenGlobal

coach, there are plenty (almost too many) to choose from! Here are a few to get you started:

First, we’ve got Dallas Fuel’s A_SeagullxQcOW, and MickiePP. Seagull and xQc are experienced, veteran streamers that mainly focus on Overwatch. The Houston Outlaws’ JAKE, Muma, SPREE, Flame, and Coolmatt are all somewhat newer to streaming but mostly focus on Overwatch too. Last we have some Korean OWL talent in Seoul Dynasty’s Ryujehong and Fleta as well NYXL’s Pine, Mano, and Ark.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many players who have their own streams. If your favorite isn’t listed here, you can probably find them by searching in Twitch.

Support Smaller Streamers!

TGH’s own in-house streamer, Wooddee and his dog Melo! Courtesy of Twitter

Last but definitely not least, if you’re looking to support some smaller Twitch broadcasters, look no further than TGH’s own Wooddee! He and his dog Melo bring a chill, friendly vibe to whatever game is being played. Whether that happens to be Fortnite, Overwatch or League of Legends, you’re sure to be in for a good time! Here is a link to TGH’s/Woodee’s Twitch, and here is a link to his Twitter so you can stay up to date with his stream schedule! He normally plays around 7:30pm est Monday-Thursday and around 11am est on Saturdays.


Thanks for reading! Next time we’ll focus on other content that can help those Overwatch League cravings subside. Be sure to follow TGH on social media to stay up with all of our content! Featured image courtesy of InvenGlobal

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