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Overwatch League: What to do before Season Two (Part Four)

TGH is back at it with some more fun activities to keep your mind busy while the Overwatch League postseason continues on. We’ve let you know some useful Twitch channels, went over the Summer Games and left you with some articles to read!

Now let’s take a look at what’s happening across the world with Overwatch, specifically the Overwatch World Cup!

Like the Overwatch Contenders, the OWWC is another great place to watch high-octane Overwatch action! Sadly, at the time of this writing there won’t be any games for a couple weeks. However, the first stage in Incheon, South Korea just ended and they are up for watching on PlayOverwatch’s Twitch channel! This should keep you occupied for some time as there are nearly twenty-three hours of Overwatch to watch!

Overwatch League Talent and Lesser-Known Athletes Compete Together

This should be a great resource to many OWL fans for a few reasons:

First of all, there are many former OWL athletes who are competing (or competed already) at this year’s World Cup! 

An All Overwatch League Team vs New Talent

Overwatch League
Courtesy Ashkon Esports YouTube

Representing South Korea we have many big names straight out of the Overwatch League! This includes carpe, ark, jjonak, fissure, libero, fury, fleta, fate, kariv, saebyeolbe, meko and anamo. These skilled players come from a total of six different Overwatch League teams and all of them were a force to be reckoned with in the Inaugural Season.

For team Finland we have some more OWL talent coming in! Fragi, linkzr, taimou, zuppeh, zappis, biggoose and shaz will all be representing their home country during the Overwatch World Cup. Spanning across five different Overwatch League teams, these players (along with their lesser-known teammates) definitely were entertaining to watch!

Representing Russia are Shadowburn and Mistakes, who came from different OWL teams but united under their mother country’s flag. Also worth noting are nlaaer and tonic who compete for Overwatch Contenders teams.

Second, this will give you an opportunity to see more relatively unknown players from the Eastern hemisphere play that you haven’t seen before. Japan, Chinese Taipei and HongKong competed in the first stage of the OWWC and certainly made a name for themselves.


Courtesy Ashkon Esports

To learn more about any of these teams, check out Katrina’s piece featuring all the OWWC teams and their notable players!



A New Caster Appears!

Lastly, you can watch a fledgling caster but veteran Overwatch athlete prove himself and cement his place in professional Overwatch history. Of course I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Junkrat main, Jacob “JAKE” Lyon. Coming from playing for the Houston Outlaws in the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League, JAKE is more well-rounded than ever, taking a casting spot right next to long-time Overwatch caster Andrew “TempoZP” Rush.


Keep your eyes peeled as the Overwatch World Cup continues! There will be many more games to come from many more countries! The next live game begins September 7th, 2018!


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