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Overwatch League: What to Do Before Season Two (Part Five)

Overwatch League
Overwatch League
Main Roster of each Division. Image courtesy of Overwatch League All-Star Weekend Website

TGH has given you four different methods of keeping those Overwatch League cravings at bay and we’re back for more! 

We’ve talked about Overwatch League players’ and casters’ Twitch channels, went over the recent Summer Games update, recommended some Overwatch-related articles to read, and gave you something else to look forward to as the Overwatch World Cup starts to heat up!

This time we’ll focus on something even closer to the horizon than OWWC. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the first-ever Overwatch League All-Star Weekend coming up!  If you’re not quite familiar with the Overwatch League All-Star Weekend, let us catch you up to speed!

A Weekend Full of Overwatch!

Overwatch League
Each division’s reserve roster (pt.1). Image courtesy of Overwatch League All-Star Weekend Website

So basically, as most fans of the League should know, there are two divisions within the OWL: Atlantic and Pacific. For the All-Star Weekend, each division has chosen a select amount of their best players and assigned them all to a team designated by which division they are affiliated with. There is a six-person starting roster on each side, and each team has a large number of reserve players as well.

The All-Star Weekend will take place this Saturday, August 25th at 4:00 p.m. PDT and Sunday, August 26th at 11:00 a.m.. Saturday will be the longer of the two days, with the majority of the action taking place then. Speaking of which, there will be a ‘Talent Takedown’ match, where the Overwatch League casters and analysts will face off. For more information on the Talent Takedown, check out this great article by TGH’s own Brandon Padilla! Other than the Talent Takedown there will be a Lucioball Showdown, 6v6 Mystery Heroes, Widowmaker Headshot-Only 1v1 Quarterfinals and Semifinals, 6v6 Lockout Elimination, and then Widowmaker Headshot-Only Finals.

The Return of Our Favorite Overwatch League Players!

Overwatch League
Each division’s reserve roster (pt.2). Image courtesy of Overwatch League All-Star Weekend Website

Then on Sunday the real game begins. The official OWL All-Star Game will pit each division’s best players against one another, and the players will (according to the official website) ‘compete for regional pride in an intense five-map set with Overwatch League competitive settings.’ What is more interesting is that every player that is assigned to each division’s team will be required to play at least one map. This way each division gets to show off every one of their best players and their coordination with their team.

If you’re still looking to fill the OWL-shaped hole in your soul, this weekend should surely help with that!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow TGH on social media! Featured image courtesy of Overwatch League All-Star Weekend Official Website

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