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Overwatch League: Season 2 Award Predictions

Last year the Overwatch League had two main awards, the MVP which went to JJonak and the Dennis Hawelka (Internethulk) Award which went to Mickie. While they have not announced what awards will be given out at the end of this season, The Game Haus staff decided to put down their votes for those two awards and a couple others that could become awards in the future. There will be a description of each award and then which players received votes.

Note: This was voted on by 18 Overwatch League writers.

Dennis Hawelka (Internethulk) Award-   Custa, LA Valiant

2018-04-04 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This is an award that is given to the players who make a positive impact on the community. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. Custa:  8
  2. Bischu:  5
  3. Geguri:  2
  4. Mickie:  2
  5. Ark:  1

Custa was a favorite from the very start. His positive mentality is seen on his twitter account, through his teammates and even on his new show, Custa News Network. There is no doubt that he has a positive impact on the community and will likely be considered highly for this award.

Main Tank of the Year-   guxue, Hangzhou Spark

This is an award for the best main tank player of the year. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. guxue:  6
  2. Fissure:  3
  3. Gesture:  3
  4. Mano:  2
  5. OGE:  2
  6. rOar:  2

The newest and definitely most hyped main tank in the scene has the TGH staff convinced that he may very well be the best in the league. Hangzhou as a whole have been rumored to be looking very strong. If this is the case then a solid team around guxue may allow the young star to show the league that he is more than deserving of this title.

DPS of the Year-   Carpe, Philadelphia Fusion

2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This is an award for the best DPS player of the year. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. Carpe:  12
  2. Saebyeolbe:  3
  3. Decay:  1
  4. Erster:  1
  5. Surefour:  1

This was clearly a landslide victory for the Fusion DPS. During their run to a second place finish it was obvious that Carpe was one of the main reasons for the team’s success. His ability to win Widow-battles and be a constant fear to any team makes him a player to watch for one of the most coveted titles in the game.

Support of the Year-   JJonak, NYXL

This is an award for the best Support player of the year. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. JJonak:  6
  2. Bdosin:  4
  3. neptuNo:  3
  4. Custa:  2
  5. Shaz:  1
  6. uNKOE:  1
  7. Viol2t:  1

Is it really a surprise that last year’s MVP wins this award or is it more surprising how close the vote was? Either way JJonak earned his title of MVP last year and with that one might assume that he was the best Support as well. Seeing as many believe the NYXL will be at the top of the standings, JJonak should continue to be a threat to anyone and everyone.

Fantasy Player of the Year-   JJonak, NYXL

Image courtesy of New York Excelsior

This is an award for the player that will have the most fantasy Overwatch League points this season. (This uses Winstons Lab’s point system) The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. JJonak:  9
  2. KariV: 5
  3. Profit:  3
  4. Viol2t: 1

With Supports receiving 3 points for a kill, 3 points for an Ultimate, 4 points for getting the First Kill and a unique category in 1.5 points for a resurrection, it is no surprise that the best support player in the game also will have the most fantasy points. JJonak is known for sniping unsuspecting foes with his Zenyatta so getting kills and charging his Ult are all in a day’s work for the NYXL Support.

Most Improved Player-   EFFECT, Dallas Fuel

This is an award for the player who improved most from last season. Meaning players who were not in the Overwatch League last season were not eligible. The Game Haus staff votes (One of the voting members did not vote for this award):

  1. EFFECT:  8
  2. Ado:  3
  3. Ryujehong:  2
  4. Danteh:  1
  5. Fragi:  1
  6. sinatraa:  1
  7. Super:  1

After a rough year for EFFECT, he went home in Stage 4 of the Inaugural Season. While everyone knew he had the talent it seemed as though he couldn’t put it all together. After having an offseason to rest and find himself EFFECT is back and ready to help the Dallas Fuel make a playoff run.

Rookie of the Year-   guxue, Hangzhou Spark

Courtesy of the Spark

This is an award for the best new player in the league. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. guxue:  4
  2. Haksal:  3
  3. Viol2:  3
  4. rOar:  2
  5. Bazzi:  1
  6. deim:  1
  7. Erster:  1
  8. Happy:  1
  9. Kodak:  1
  10. Kruise:  1

This was a tough award to predict. With eight new teams and many new players spread throughout the league it is no surprise to see 10 different names on this list. Yet, the much hyped Main Tank from China sees himself taking another award. If he is the best Main Tank this year then winning Rookie of the Year might be a given.

MVP-   JJonak, NYXL

Image courtesy of New York Excelsior

This is the award for being the Most Value Player in the Overwatch League. The Game Haus staff votes:

  1. JJonak:  6
  2. Fury:  5
  3. Carpe:  2
  4. birdring:  1
  5. dafran:  1
  6. Ivy:  1
  7. Profit:  1
  8. Surefour:  1

Fury almost took this one but JJonak is taking home his third award from the TGH staff vote. After an incredible year last season it is hard to see JJonak not at least being in the discussion for the award for the foreseeable future. The man can do it all and has in some ways redefined the Support position. If the NYXL are the best team and JJonak is their best player it seems to lineup that he wins this award again.


The TGH Staff is excited for Seasaon 2 of the Overwatch League. With 20 teams and over 200 players, this year should be action packed. Make sure to check back here for amazing coverage of everything OWL throughout the year.

Do you agree with these award winners? Let us know who you would pick in the comments!


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