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Overwatch League Recap: Washington Justice vs Boston Uprising

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The Washington Justice played against an extremely aggressive Boston Uprising team that is looking to make stage playoffs. The result was a close five map series that didn’t end as most fans expected it to.

Lijiang Tower 2-0 Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising seemed to have the answer for anything that the Washington Justice threw at them.

Washington Justice
2019-02-28 / Photo: Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

Despite Corey “Corey” Nigra’s prowess with DPS heroes, the Justice played the standard Reinhardt 3 tank, 3 support team composition. The Uprising utilized a Mei team composition that allowed them to block off Junhwa Janus Song from the rest of his team and quickly took the point first. During the next team fight, Washington seemed apprehensive after making an early pick onto Boston’s Mei, costing them another team fight. Despite losing Control Center, Corey and Hyang-ki SanSam Kim impressed with a great Graviton Surge and D.Va bomb combo.

Boston took all of their momentum from control center and brought it into Night Market. Washington couldn’t get the ball rolling against Boston’s DPS heavy team composition. The Uprising just looked much cleaner and utilized their ultimate economy much more efficiently.  Despite their loss, Sansam shone again with another incredible D.Va bomb that allowed the Justice to flip the point.

Temple of Anubis 2-0 Boston Uprising

Temple of Anubis began with a strange point take from the Boston Uprising. Due to the Uprising’s Pharah, the Washington Justice allowed Boston to slowly take the point tick by tick without actually engaging in any team fights. Finally, Boston were able to take Point A with relative ease off the back of some incredible Widowmaker play.

However, Washington wouldn’t go down without a fight. Corey continued to lead his team and the Justice utilized his well placed Graviton Surge for a team kill. The Justice fought tooth and nail and defended until the bitter end. The Uprising showed they weren’t willing to give up Point A without a fight. On their final push, the Justice seemed to forget about the timer and rotated off the point in the final seconds of map, resulting in a loss, despite having all 6 members of their team.

Blizzard World 2-1 Washington Justice

Washington Justice vs Los Angeles Valiant
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

The Justice returned from halftime energized and ready to win. Despite quickly giving up Point A, Washington would utilize an excellent high ground defense that held off Boston in multiple team fights. After multiple pushes, it seemed that Boston couldn’t figure out how to deal with Washington taking the high ground and ended their push before taking Point B. After dominating on defense, Washington used their momentum to take Point A in under a minute. Due to their massive time bank, Washington lost multiple team fights while slowly pushing they payload. Finally, Junhwa Janus Song threw down a massive Earthshatter that caught almost every member on the Uprising and led the Justice to their first map win of the day.

Rialto 4-3 Washington Justice

Fresh after their win on Blizzard World the Justice were ready for anything the Uprising had planned. The

Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Justice continued to show their grit during every team fight and nearly held the Uprising at Point A. Despite their efforts, Kelsey Colourhex Birse carried his team to Point A in the final seconds of their last push with a well-placed Graviton Surge. The Justice kept fans on the edge of their seats while they won team fights on defense, nearly holding off the Uprising multiple times. Finally, the Uprising managed to squeak out a map finish with just 45 seconds in the time bank.

On attack, The Justice proved to be the grittier team as they pushed onto Point A in overtime. Despite losing team fights to Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth’s aggressive Reinhardt play, Washington bounced back with team fight wins of their own by focusing down the Uprising’s main tank. The Uprising wouldn’t make it easy for the Justice and took a 32 second time bank advantage for their attack in Round 5. During Round 4, all hope seemed lost as the Washington Justice were only able to push the payload around the first corner on Point A. However,  Washington continued to turn things in their favor with an awe-inspiring defensive effort that pushed the match to a Game 5.

Busan 2-1 Washington Justice

The Washington Justice wanted to prove that they could win against one of the best teams in the league. Washington and Boston had a back and forth battle in Downtown ending in a 100% to 99% capture score for the Washington Justice. Despite losing on MEKA Base, the Justice proved they may be down, but they weren’t out as they managed to capture the point in overtime again and snatch victory with another 100% to 99% capture score on Sanctuary.


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