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Overwatch League Recap: Washington Justice vs Atlanta Reign

The Washington Justice looked cleaner than usual against Atlanta Reign. Not only were they more cohesive as team, but it seems that they have figured out a game plan that could lead to their future success. See how they fared against the Reign below.

Atlanta Reign 3-1

Busan 2-0 Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League
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The Reign dominated on Sanctuary and halted any attempts Washington tried to make onto the point. Despite this, Washington showed their grit, never giving up and constantly pushing onto the point no matter how small the time bank. While they may have lost on Sanctuary, Washington wouldn’t roll over and give the map win to Atlanta without a fight. On Meka base, DPS star, Corey “Corey” Nigra, shined on Widowmaker. With the crowd cheering his name, Corey would make some massive picks onto Atlanta, allowing his team to make a push and flip the point. Despite Corey’s stellar Widow play, the Reign would rally and flip back the point for a map victory. However, the Justice managed to nearly push a map three and gained 90% capture percentage.

Paris 1-0 Washington Justice

Pharah guideWashington Justice proved they were the better defensive team on Paris. Corey proved to be the backbone of the Justice’s defense with his incredible Bastion play. Washington smothered the Reign’s attack and kept them from taking even one tick of capture percentage on Point A. The Justice utilized another high mobility DPS heavy team composition on attack with Gihyeon “Ado” Chon playing the Pharah and Corey playing Tracer. The Justice’s quick play style proved to be too much for the team from Georgia. Ado was an integral part of the team, as he would get a massive triple kill with his ultimate on defense.

Eichenwalde 2-1 Atlanta Reign

The Washington Justice solidified their game plan for success by using another DPS heavy team composition on attack. However, the Reign showed off their stellar GOATs play on defense and seemed to

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have the answer for all of Washington’s attacks. Yet, the Justice persisted with their DPS team composition and Hyang-ki “SanSam” Kim and Ado utilized a EMP- Pharah barrage combo that killed five Atlanta players and forced them to regroup. Despite their success on the DPS heavy team composition, the Justice needed to switch to a 3-3 composition to keep up the Reign while they pushed the payload. The Justice weren’t able to keep up with Atlanta’s skill with GOATs and, unfortunately, couldn’t take the second point.

On defense, The Justice utilized a bunker style team composition on point A that looked extremely effective. However, the Reign’s Nathan “frd” Goebel and Joon “Erster” Jeong would utilize an EMP-Pulse Bomb combo that wiped out four of Washington’s players, allowing them to take point A with under a minute to spare. Both team’s would switch back to the traditional GOATs team composition and Atlanta proved themselves to be better at the team composition and took the second point with ease.

Rialto 4-3 Atlanta Reign

The Atlanta Reign came out swinging against the Justice. Washington seemed to have no answer’s to Atlanta’s superior GOATs play and got rolled over on defense. This allowed the Reign to take the map with over twi minutes in the time bank. However, the Justice wouldn’t give up the fight and began the map with another DPS heavy team composition with Corey playing the Widowmaker and Ado playing Pharah again. The Reign couldn’t keep up with Corey’s Widowmaker and the Justice took Point A with relative ease. Washington continued their push with the GOATs team composition and managed to squeak out a map completion.

Washington started the third map with the same DPS heavy team composition they began their attack with. However, with just a minute in the time bank, the Justice were only able to push the payload a few meters. In addition, with a massive time bank, the Reign dominated the Justice and easily took the map and match victory.

Image Courtesy of the Overwatch Leauge


Corey and Ado are the backbone of this Washington team. While some maps may dictate that a 3-3 is necessary for victory, if the map allows for great DPS play, the Justice should play a DPS heavy team composition. In addition, despite their record, the Justice are now coming into their own and Corey will continue to prove that he is one of the best DPS players in the league.

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