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Overwatch League Recap: San Francisco Shock vs. Hangzhou Spark

Shock Win 4-0

Starting Lineup

Grant “Moth” Espe

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Min-ki “Viol2t” Park

Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Matthew “Super” DeLisis

Lijiang Tower

Gardens kicked off with the Shock running a Pharmercy comp with Hammond. A Widowmaker from Hangzhou caught the Shock off guard, and they swapped to a Winston GOATs. The Spark completely stymied the Shock’s next few pushes, but the Shock did manage to take the point in overtime. The Shock then set up on defense as the game transitioned into some classic GOATs dittos, except Sinatraa stayed on the Sombra. The Shock made a valiant effort, but the pressure from the Spark was too much and the Spark took the first point.

Night Market featured some classic GOATs dittos. This matchup is the Shock’s specialty, and it led to an easy point take. The next fight featured both teams trading back and forth, but eventually the Shock held them off. The next fight decided the map, and the Spark were shoved off of the point, allowing the Shock to tie the map.

The Shock immediately got shoved off of the point on Control Center, allowing the Spark to take the point first. The Spark then heavily invested in the next fight, but patient play from the Shock allowed them to outlast Hangzhou and take the point back. Losing Moth early in the next fight was a huge blow, but the Shock somehow kept control of the point and managed to take Control Center, winning the map.

Shock Win 2-1


The Shock went with a bulky dive comp on defense while the Spark went with a more standard Winston GOATs. The Spark completely deleted the Shock’s defense by worming their way into the defense and taking down ChoiHyoBin early. They then attempted to snowball Point B, and they did pick up a tick, but the Shock ended up stabilizing despite losing ChoiHyoBin early again. Unfortunately the next push secured the point, and the Spark managed to take Point B with relative ease.

Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

The Shock decided to mix things up on offense, as they went with a Baptiste GOATs. The first push didn’t get anywhere at all, but the second push shoved it’s way through and managed to take the point. The Shock then went into full snowball mode and managed to easily take Point B.

The Shock’s defense featured Viol2t on Ana along with a comp featuring Winston and Sombra. The Shock managed to stave off the Spark despite losing Moth early, and a big EMP from Sinatraa confirmed several quick kills during the next push. The Spark managed to pick up a couple of ticks on their next scrappy push attempt, and a soft reset allowed the Spark to barely push through. The snowball attempt from the Spark ended up working out well, and they ended up taking both points in OT.

Baptiste GOATs was the name of the game for the Shock again on offense. The Spark were forced out of their comfort zone very early on by the Shock, and San Francisco took Point A in very short order. The snowball attempt then came through, and the Shock managed to quickly take Point B, tying up the series again.

The Baptiste GOATs seemed to be working well, so the Shock went with it again. An early pick onto the Hangzhou Reinhardt allowed the Shock to walk onto the point and take the point with minimal resistance, and the Shock took the map.

Shock Win 5-4


The Shock went with a standard GOATs comp on the offense, while the Spark had the same on defense. The first push featured the Shock getting the first tick, and the rest of them came around in the second push. This allowed the Shock to get the cart going with relative ease. Point B didn’t present too much of a challenge either, and the Shock motored on into C. This was taken quickly as well, and the Shock set a decent time on Eichenwalde.

The Shock went with the Baptiste GOATs on defense. This turned out to be an incredibly solid defensive strategy, and the Shock easily held off the Spark, full holding and allowing them to take the map.

Shock win 3-0


Image Courtesy of the San Francisco Shock

Standard GOATs was on the menu for the Shock on offense, while the Spark went with the same thing. The Shock pushed with ease up until the first checkpoint, where the Shock shoved through despite some fierce resistance from the Spark. Point B was more of the same, and the Shock shoved on through easily. Point C was another massacre, and the Shock completed Rialto fairly easily.

The Shock went with GOATs again on defense, with the Spark deciding to go head to head in a GOATs war once more. The Spark actually came out on top of the Point A fight, as they punched through fairly quickly. The Spark kept the momentum up for most of point B, but the Shock somehow held off the Spark at the checkpoint despite Super and Sinatraa going down early. The Shock then set up shop, and the Spark didn’t pick up another checkpoint.

Shock Win 3-1


Another Day, Another 4-0

This game was a lot closer than the previous few, but it was still another 4-0. At this point it would be more surprising if the Shock didn’t get the 4-0. They have even broken the record for most map wins in a row, which is pretty telling of how amazingly they are playing right now.

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