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Overwatch League Recap: Paris Eternal vs London Spitfire

Spitfire 1-3 Eternal

The Paris Eternal made their Overwatch League debut against the reigning World Champions in the London Spitfire. Paris had been touted as a team that in this specific meta could turn some heads seeing as their team is full of great EU talent accustomed to playing GOATs and tanks. In the battle for Europe, Paris came out on top with the help of their trusty tanks and supports.

Illios Spitfire 0-2 Eternal

Image courtesy of TenTonHammer

Paris Eternal came out of the gates on Illios Well on a composition that might not have been expected. Terence SoOn Tarlier started off on McCree in a “Raise the Puppy” composition. It worked for a while against London but eventually when London took the fight back they switched over to their trusty 3-3 composition to finish out the map.

Moving over to Lighthouse, London opted to take the GOATs mirror playing right into the hands of Paris who were more than happy to take that fight. Paris swiftly outplayed the Spitfire all the way to a 100-0 score and a 2-0 score on Illios.

King’s Row Spitfire 2-1 Eternal

Paris came into King’s Row confident but that was all put to bed when Hee-dong Guard Lee showed his Sombra skills. Paris couldn’t figure out how to stop Guard and the rest of London as they were pretty much permanently EMP’d or hacked. They did manage to take a point but the match could have gone much worse for them.

Volskaya Spitfire 2-3 Eternal

Photo by Robert Paul/Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Paris showed just how good they can be on GOATs on this map. London was able to take the first two points with the help of some slightly over-aggressive play from the French side. However, it was only in overtime. Paris on their first attack stuck to their guns in a 3-3 composition and absolutely rolled through London on the first two points with the help of Harrison Kruise Pond making some nice plays on his signature Lucio.

With a time bank of around five minutes, Paris was able to easily take the one tick they need to win the map on their trusty GOATs composition.

Route 66 Spitfire 0-3 Eternal

London brought back Guard in an attempt to find some of the magic that they had on King’s Row. Paris this time seemed ready to deal with it. Even though Gaurd was getting some big EMPs, Paris did a masterful job of playing around it. Damien HyP Souville on the Zenyatta had a nice little series for himself throughout but in this game he really shined along with Kruise. He was able to survive a lot of the harassment he was getting from Gaurd using some nice positioning.

Paris took all three point in overtime and were able to full-hold the Spitfire not even letting them halfway through the first point. The GOATs of Paris prevailed and they took a 3-1 victory in the series.


In the first series ever for Paris, fans got a glimpse of the potential this team has in this meta. Even though it is early, their GOATs composition is looking like one of the cleanest in the league. In a meta where GOATs is so important, Paris can really climb up through people’s power rankings if they continue to execute this well.

There were some slight bumps in the road when they had to deal with a Sombra player of the quality of Guard. Those were ironed out in the last game but it still might be something teams can try and exploit in the future. Paris will have a massive test in their next game when they play against the Vancouver Titans.

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