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Overwatch League Recap: Paris Eternal vs. Boston Uprising

Paris Eternal

After a well-deserved victory against the Toronto Defiant on Friday, the Paris Eternal were looking to continue their streak against the Boston Uprising. A team that thrives under pressure, the Boston Uprising would be sure to make the Eternal sweat this game. Would the Paris Eternal be able to take down the kings of the reverse sweep?


Paris Eternal, Greyy

2019-06-07 – Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret

Karol “Danye” Szcześniak

Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait

Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson

Harrison “Kruise” Pond

Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo

Ilios: Paris 0-2 Boston

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Both Boston and Paris had the same record on Ilios (1-3) going into this match. Lighthouse would be an extremely one-sided map as the Paris Eternal were barely able to step a toe onto the point. Unable to get even a single kill, Paris would struggle against Boston’s defenses. BenBest was no match for Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth who took out the Eternal one swing at a time.

On Ruins, Danye and BenBest would get taken out by Minseok “AimGod” Kwon, thus allowing Boston to cap the point first once more. Luckily, Greyy got picks on Aimgod and Renan “alemao” Moretto that would let Paris turn the point in their favor. Unfortunately, Paris wouldn’t be able to hold the point for long. After both teams using their Graviton Surges and getting no value out of their self-destructs, Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse would melt down BenBest and Boston would take the point once more. With time dwindling, the Paris Eternal had one last chance to take the point. Although BenBest landed a massive shatter, there would be no follow up, and Richard “rCk” Kanerva and Colourhex took out the Eternal with ease. Despite Finnsi’s best attempts to stall, the Eternal would lose Ilios 0-2.

Paris: Paris 5-4 Boston

Round 1
Photo courtesy of Overwatch

The Eternal love to run bunker composition on their namesake city’s map. Unfortunately for them, the Uprising’s triple DPS lineup dismantled them easily. With Colourhex on Pharah and Blase on Hanzo, the DPS duo wiped out the Eternal, allowing them to capture Point A. Surprisingly, Paris did not switching to a GOATS composition on Point B which worked out in their favor. NiCOgdh would swap onto Junkrat, a move that would help delay the Boston Uprising from taking the point. Despite landing a nasty two-kill tire, AimGod would once again take out the Paris Eternal one by one. Although Greyy and Danye would swap onto Tracer and Doomfist to stall, Colourhex’s Tracer would be no match for them and Boston would take Point B.

On attack, Paris would run a traditional GOATS composition of their own to counter Boston’s Winston GOATS. As they slowly made their way to the point, BenBest would take out Blase while Fusion’s used Primal Rage. Fortunately for Paris, Fusions were unable to get any kills with it, and they were unable to capture the first point. It would take a lot of time, but Paris captured the second point after Finnsi ate a delicious Graviton Surge thrown in by Colourhex.

Round 2
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Deciding to run a bunker composition once more, Danye kept the Uprising at bay on Bastion. Unfortunately, Danye  ignored the Pharah flying around above him and got taken out, thus allowing the Uprising to once more capture Point A. Sticking on Sombra, rCk landed a massive EMP on the Eternal but miss Greyy who was hiding in the backline. Using transcendence, Greyy saved his team and allowed Danye to wipe out Boston with Bastion’s ultimate. For a moment, it seemed as though Paris would be theirs, but Fusions went wild on Reinhardt and capped the second point once more.

Things looking grim, Paris attacked again. BenBest ended up smacking Fusions right to Lunar Colony, and that pick allowed the Eternal to get two ticks on Point A. Surprisingly, Boston tried to contest by nano-ing Blase on Brigitte. Despite this attempt, Paris would still end up taking the point. Using that momentum, Paris  managed to get two ticks on Point B before Boston swapped onto a full DPS defense. Unfortunately for Boston, Greyy took out Colourhex on Widow, and they managed to cap the second point as well.

Final Round

Needing only one tick to take the series, Paris took things slowly on their last chance to attack. Although the Uprising played their defense aggressively, patience would be crucial. Finnsi would end up eating Colourhex’s Graviton Surge, and this would set up the final fight for Paris. Despite Fusion’s best efforts to contest, it would only take one final self-destruct from Finnsi to wipe out Boston. Paris defended their city 5-4.

Eichenwalde: Paris 3-2 Boston

Image courtesy of Dextero

On Eichenwalde, Paris defended first using a traditional GOATS composition. In a mirror composition, Boston did their best to push through the choke, but Paris overwhelmed them. Although rCk managed to eat Danye’s Grav, Finnsi landed another nasty self-destruct that kept the Uprising at bay for a little while longer. Eventually, Boston got key picks on BenBest and Kruise. As Boston pushed the payload, Paris was continuously wiped out. It would ultimately be up to BenBest to swing his way through Boston and prevent them from pushing the payload to the completion of the map.

On attack, Paris capped Point A with more than enough time in the bank. Deciding to be more aggressive, Boston bullied the Eternal outside of their spawn. Despite Colourhex throwing out a Graviton Surge that would trap the majority of the Eternal, he would be taken out by Danye. That pick got the Paris back on track with pushing the payload. As they neared Point B, Danye used a Graviton Surge of his own to keep Boston from contesting. As they neared the completion point, BenBest would threw down a massive Earthshatter that left the Uprising incapacitated as Finnsi threw his self-destruct down upon them. Paris took Eichenwalde 3-2.

Gibraltar: Paris 4-3 Boston

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Defending first, Boston steamrolled through Paris’ defenses. Despite another insane self-destruct from Finnsi, Paris were unable to counter the Uprising’s aggressive push. On attack, Paris slowly but surely chugged their way along and pushed the payload to the end of the map as well.

Channeling their inner San Francisco Shock, Boston  played aggressively and got a surprise kill on NiCOgdh. Their over-aggression would cost them though as Paris slowly, yet confidently, pushed through their defenses. As Paris pushed the payload to the end point, Colourhex threw a graviton surge onto the Eternal, but Greyy’s use of transcendence saved them. AimGod  popped his transcendence as well, which would lead to an ill-timed, albeit massive, Earthshatter from BenBest. This would force Paris to fall back briefly, but Fusions found himself picked off as he jumped headfirst into the Eternal. Picking off the remaining members of the Uprising, Paris took Gibraltar 4-3.


As is tradition, Paris looked great during the first weekend of the stage. However, fans are more hopeful for Paris’ future after this weekend. It seems like control maps are the Eternal’s only weakness at the moment. Overall, Paris looked incredibly clean; they were organized, and they communicated well with one another after their rocky start on Ilios. Fans are looking forward to what Paris will bring for the remainder of stage three.

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