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Overwatch League Recap: New York Excelsior vs Atlanta Reign


The NYXL suffered their first loss of the regular season, losing 3-1 to the Atlanta Reign in a stunning upset. Looking lost and confused, New York was constantly separated and dominated, and the Reign definitely took advantage of their confusion by separating the team and focusing key players. 


Starting Roster:

  • Seonghyun “Jjonak” Bang
  • Tae-Sung “Anamo” Jung
  • Tae-Hong “MekO” Kim
  • Yeon-Gwan “Nenne” Jeong
  • Dong-Gyu “Mano” Kim
  • Haeseong ”Libero” Kim



With both teams trying to poke damage into each other, the round began with a long standoff before either team could gain control of the point. MekO’s D.Va bomb, killing two people, was what ultimately turned the tide and allowed the NYXL to gain control of the point.

However, just before the Excelsior hit 50% capture, the Reign were able to take the point. In overtime, the NYXL finally took the point back. But when Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman killed Jjonak early in the final fight, the point flipped again in overtime. No one was able to touch the point, and the Atlanta Reign took the first round.

The NYXL came out of the gates with aggression, pushing the Reign back before dropping down onto the point. Atlanta, however, was able to take the point after popping Jun “Erster” Jeong’s Rally early. The NYXL stacked ultimates and were able to flip the point at 65%. However, at only 35%, the NYXL’s control on the point was reversed. Tagging into the point to push the round into overtime, the NYXL attempted to contest and flip the point, succeeding after a long fight. In overtime, the Reign flipped the point. In a long attempt to keep touching the point and clear Atlanta off of the point, the NYXL began to trickle in. Unfortunately, the Reign cleared New York off of the point and took the round and the map.



ErsterAfter their defense quickly fell, the NYXL were forced back to point B with the Reign having over a six-
minute time bank to try to take the second point. Atlanta prioritized picking off Jjonak first, and the fight definitely looked like it was not going to end in New York’s favor. The Excelsior however, pushed the Reign off, and defended the point. The Reign did push back, ending the round with a little more than a minute left.

The NYXL eventually pushed through the Reign’s defense, and after having held New York off for what felt like an eternity, the Excelsior were finally able to take the point in overtime.

On the NYXL’s final attack, Erster, claiming a triple kill, was able to keep the NYXL from even touching the point to begin with. The NYXL were unable to even grab one tic from the Reign.

The Reign, pushing onto the midground on attack, were able to take Mano out early and subsequently clean the rest of New York off of the point, taking the map.



The defending Excelsior were bullied off of the point by the Reign, allowing Atlanta to capture two ticks worth of capture percentage. The Reign, quickly and seemingly easily, captured the payload. Mano landed a huge earthshatter onto the Reign, killing two, but their victory is short-lived when the Reign quickly regained control of the point and pushed the payload. Atlanta, seemingly unstoppable, continued through point B. The Excelsior were able to clear Atlanta off of the point for a moment, but only for a moment before Atlanta retook control of the payload. Just before the final point, the NYXL took control of the payload again. However, the Reign cleared New York off of the point and completed the map.

On attack, the NYXL captured the point with 5:20 to push the payload, but were quickly sent back into spawn. The Reign spawn camped New York, keeping the Excelsior from even gaining any ground on the payload for most of their time, but New York finally broke through Atlanta’s grip on the payload. Finally, the NYXL pushed through point B and through the final point after winning every single team fight forward.

On their final attack, the NYXL, with essentially two pushes worth of time, were quickly pushed back to spawn after Anamo was picked off early. From there on out, it was a matter of trying to touch the point and stall until the rest of the team could get back, but to no avail. Unable to capture even a tick of capture percentage, the NYXL were wiped again.

Wiping the Excelsior with ease, the Reign quickly took the point and the map on their final attack, becoming the first team in the regular season to defeat the NYXL.


The NYXL, still looking disoriented on defense, were rolled through point A with ease and again through point B. With over four minutes worth of time to push to the final point, the Reign began to play very far ahead. The NYXL attempted to push back, but were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempt to stop the Reign.

After a sketchy looking fight on attack, New York ultimately were able to capture point A. They were also able to push through point B after a massive graviton from Nenne, which made it easy for the NYXL to clear the point and push through. Clearing the point again, the NYXL finally pushed through point C with 3:17 to spare.

On their final defense, the NYXL were able to hold the payload just before point A after being pushed all the way back to point A. New York, attempting to push the payload, were instead wiped and pushed back into spawn before the payload could even cross the bridge. Pushing through and bullying the Reign to point A, the NYXL were finally able to capture the point and get the win on Rialto.



The NYXL looked messy tonight. The boys in blue were separated and focused down by the Reign time and time again, unable to get any footing on the points or the payloads throughout the series. Moving forward, New York desperately needs to take some time to look at why they lost tonight and how they can move forward.  


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