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Overwatch League Recap: Houston Outlaws vs Toronto Defiant

Toronto Defiant vs. Houston Outlaws

The Toronto Defiant win 3-2

The Houston Outlaws finish day two of the Overwatch League with a disappointing 2-3 loss to the Toronto Defiant. Despite this, Outlaw fans should be pleased with great showings from both Muma and Linkzr.

Nepal: 2-1 Houston

Despite a rough start in Village where Toronto’s Envy had an incredible game on Pharah, Houston would take both Shrine and Sanctum.Both games were incredibly close ending 100% to 99% capture percentage. After this map it was clear that Danteh’s signing paid off with his solid Sombra play. Despite how close this map seemed, Houston showed their ability to adapt with flex picks and make clutch plays like their point flip on Sanctum.

Numbani: 5-4 Houston

During this map Jake and Spree were subbed in for Linkzr and Coolmatt, respectively. Numbani was easily the most exciting map for a Houston Outlaws fan. Muma’s tank play shined in this close match. Furthermore, Toronto showed their inexperience by failing to touch the point during the last play of the game for a C9 win.

Volskaya Industries: 1-0 Toronto

One could easily argue that this map was Houston’s creativity coming back and biting them. The Outlaws played well on defense, sticking to a triple support, triple tank team composition that would hold Toronto back from taking checkpoint B.

However, while attacking they decided to put Linkzr on Reaper. Reaper may currently be one of the most overpowered heroes, but Toronto adapted by forcing Linkzr into tough, confined spaces that limited his movement and his ability to use Reaper’s ultimate, death blossom. Toronto would stop Houston’s attack dead in their tracks and force Houston to take only 72% of checkpoint A.

Route 66: 2-1 Toronto

Route 66 has always been Houston’s weakness. However, despite losing, it seems that Houston has devised a strategy that could lead to wins in the future. They defended well, forcing Toronto to almost go into overtime as they took point A. However, Houston’s defense would falter throughout the map due to Aid’s Zenyatta play that looked like something out of a Jjonak highlight video. Muma had another great map and had a highlight reel moment where he earthshattered 5 defiant players.

Busan: 2-1 Toronto

The Outlaws began this map by switching out Coolmatt for Jake, showing they would be going for a triple DPS team composition. Houston began the match with a great start taking Downtown 100% to 0%, meaning that Toronto wasn’t able to flip the point once during the match. Linkzr shined during this stage where he would put up two early kills and continue to dominate with Widowmaker. However, Houston would lose the next two stages in close fought matches where both stages ended 100% to 99%.


Houston Outlaws: Player Profiles- Tanks
Courtesy of Overwatch League

The Outlaws must work hard to fix details in team strategy before facing Boston on Sunday. However, all is not lost for Houston. Muma showed that he is one of the best tanks in the NA and is the backbone for the Outlaws especially with this tank heavy meta. In addition, Houston’s DPS core of Danteh, Jake, and Linkzr each had their own shining moments. Finally, Houston is a team that works well together. They are creative and are willing to follow their strategies down to the letter, even if that is to their detriment. If they can adjust their strategies and continue to play creatively, Houston fans have a lot to look forward to this season.


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