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Overwatch League Recap: Houston Outlaws vs Philadelphia Fusion

Houston Outlaws

After a tough loss against Vancouver, Houston come back energized and ready to play with a solidified game plan against the scrappy Philadelphia Fusion. Read how they fared against the former Overwatch League finalists below!

Final 4-0 Philadelphia Fusion

Busan 2-1 Philadelphia Fusion

Houston began the map with a blazing start. Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin led his team to take the point with incredible Soldier: 76 play. Dante “Danteh” Cruz continued to prove that he is the key to Houston success with a massive EMP that allowed Houston to hold the point despite losing Linkzr moments before. Houston dominated the Fusion on Temple with a capture score of 100% – 0.

MEKA base proved to be much closer for the Outlaws. Despite another blazing start, Philly flipped the point in the final seconds of their push. The point kept flipping back and forth, however, Houston couldn’t find the momentum to finish. Finally, after their last push the Fusion’s momentum couldn’t be stopped and took MEKA base after putting up a scrappy fight against Houston’s DPS heavy team composition. However, Wonhyeop “ArHaN” Jeong proved that he could play with the best and showed some incredible skill with his Tracer play.

Downtown began with another very dominant showing from the Houston Outlaws. The Outlaws started off with a massive 98% capture lead over Philly. However, the Fusion’s, Gael “Poko” Gouzerch, stopped any Houston momentum with a massive D.Va bomb that wiped three Houston players off the map. Again, after a strong point flip from Philly, Houston found themselves in awkward positions and couldn’t gain any momentum to take the map win.

Anubis 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion

After a very close map on Busan, Houston seemed to fall apart and ditch their DPS heavy team composition. On defense, Houston Outlaws were steamrolled and gave up point A with little fight. However, Houston fought back on point B holding off the Fusion’s pushes multiple times. Despite their efforts, the Fusion finished Anubis with a two-plus minute time bank.

Houston’s attack started off extremely slow. Philly proved to be the better team when it came to playing the GOATs team comp and fought hard against the Outlaw’s attempts at a push. However, Houston made one final attempt in overtime and a well-placed Graviton Surge from Danteh helped Houston make early picks to allow them to take the first point with ease. Philadelphia wouldn’t let Houston keep their momentum and forced them into overtime again. Philly’s Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee’s confidence got to the best of him as he switched to McCree and rolled himself to his death, giving Houston a player advantage that allowed them to take the second point. Due to Houston’s time disadvantage, Philly attacked first for the map win, where they again dominated Houston’s defense and steamrolled their way to victory.

Eichenwalde 2-0 Philadelphia Fusion

Picture courtesy of Overwatch

Philadelphia showed that they were the much cleaner team with another dominant victory over the Houston Outlaws on Eichenwalde. Houston seemed to roll over and let Philly take point A with relative. It wasn’t until the end of Point B  where Houston began to put up a fight. The team from Texas found new life on Point C holding off the Philadelphia Fusion’s final push and keeping them from taking the Map.

Houston continued to play the traditional 3-3 team composition on their attack to no avail. Despite all of the Outlaws attempts to push onto the point it seemed team leader and main tank, Austin “Muma” Wilmont kept getting caught by a hungry Philadelphia team.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar 3-0 Philadelphia Fusion

Philly brought all of their momentum from their past three maps and used it on their final map against the Houston Outlaws. Poko would have another D.Va bomb that eliminated all of Houston’s attempts at defending. However, Houston held back Philly to the final seconds of their push and proved that they could still keep up with their opponents attack when their backs are against the wall. In addition, Houston fans got to see a cheeky backcap from Muma as he would push the cart very close to Point A on attack.

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