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Overwatch League Recap: Florida Mayhem vs Washington Justice

Week 5 Day 2 marks the end of Stage 1 for the Florida Mayhem and the Washington Justice. Both teams were looking for a win here today to close out the Stage on a high note. Both teams were eliminated from Stage Playoffs, but their season Map Differential was on the line. Here is the Overwatch League Recap for the Florida Mayhem vs the Washington Justice.


Map 1: Nepal

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The first point on Nepal started in favor of the Justice, as they gained 55% on the point before Florida would take it. The Mayhem used their ultimate economy wisely and kept control of the point against multiple pushes from the Justice. The Mayhem took the first point 100-55. The second point of Nepal was also in favor of the Justice, taking the point all the way to 99% before the Mayhem flipped the point. The Mayhem held the point in their favor until the score was 99-99. A perfect D.Va bomb from Hyang “Sansam” Gi Kim would secure the victory for the Justice and they took the point 100-99. Point 3 was even for both teams, but the Justice held strong to take the point once again 100-99.


Map 2: Hollywood

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Mayhem substituted McGravy out for Xepher, and the Justice had the first attack on Hollywood. The Mayhem helld for three pushes but would C9 and allow the Justice to take the point. The Mayhem held the Justice on streets into overtime, but the Justice bounced back and took Point B. In Overtime, the Justice moved the payload 75% of the way through Point C before the Mayhem could push them off the payload. The Mayhem had a difficult time pushing the payload on their attack. The Justice had strong holds throughout streets, and kept the Mayhem at bay through Point C. The final push saw the Justice hold the Mayhem .20m from the score zone and took the series 2-0.


Map 3: Volskaya Industries

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Justice set the second fastest time on Volskaya attack completing it in 5:49. Their push was mostly uncontested, and kept the Mayhem staggered in spawn on Point B. On their attack, the Mayhem had a hard time taking Point A, but a big shatter from SWON allowed the Mayhem to move on to Point B. The Mayhem finished their push with both points captured with 37 seconds left. The Justice took both points in Overtime on their attack. The final round saw the Justice have 1 minute and the Mayhem with 1:37 in their time banks. The Justice failed to take one tick on their attack, but the Mayhem had an amazing push and took the Map and put the series at 2-1.


Map 4: Dorado

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Mayhem had the opening attack on Dorado and pushed through Point A with a blinding fury. They had a difficult time taking Point B, but eventually pushed on to Point C. They finished their push with 34 seconds in the time bank. The Justice opened up with a strong push and charge through Points A and B. They finished Point C with 1:47 in their time bank. The Mayhem had an amazing push and capture two more points and hold the Justice at Point A. The series moved on to Map 5 and tie the series 2-2. The next map would make or break the reverse sweep for the Mayhem, as the Justice tried to hold out for their first victory.


Map 5: Ilios

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Map 5 started off in favor of the Mayhem, and the Justice struggled on Point 1. With bad hero picks, the Mayhem struggled to gain much percentage against the Justice. Their pushes fell flat and the map would be tied 1-1. The final point went completely in favor of the Justice. The Mayhem ran out of energy, and the Justice pulled off the upset and secured their first win of the Stage and took the series 3-2.



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