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Overwatch League Recap: Florida Mayhem vs Guangzhou Charge

A must win game for both teams, this matchup was set to be a close one. The Mayhem and the Charge both came into this game with a 1-2 record, looking to even their score and get a better map differential. The Charge however would prove themselves to be the better team, but it would be a close 3-2 victory for the Charge. The Mayhem did debut their players Damon “Apply” Conti and Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey, and both players showed promise for the roster.

Map 1: Busan

Florida: 0 Guangzhou: 2

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The first point would be Meka Base, and the Charge had the opening capture. The Mayhem would hold the point until they were at 43% but would lose the point and be on the back foot the remainder of the point. After a few good pushes, it looked as if the Mayhem would flip the point, but the Charge would clutch the hold on the point and take the map 1-0.

The second point was Downtown, and from the beginning it was in the favor of the Charge. The Mayhem would struggle to take the point, and would only do so up to 13% until the charge took the point back. With no players able to touch the point, the Mayhem would lose in Overtime and the Charge would take a series lead of 1-0.

Map 2: Numbani

Florida: 2 Guangzhou: 1

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Charge would power into Numbani with a swift take of the first point, and looked like they would steamroll the Mayhem. But with the substitution of Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey, the Mayhem would be able to hold the Charge, who would only move the payload 55 meters. With time running out, the Mayhem were able to keep the Charge off the point, and fully hold them before Point B.

Florida would have a strong attack, and would only reset twice before moving fully onto the point. The Charge would hold on the point and take a large amount of the Mayhem’s time clock, but would ultimately fall and give the Mayhem just under 4 minutes in their time bank. With amazing control, the Mayhem took down the Charge players one after another, and would move the payload swiftly to take the win on Numbani.

Map 3: Horizon

Florida: 1 Guangzhou: 2

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On Horizon the Mayhem would have the first attack, and it would be difficult for them to push onto the point. The Charge would counter most of the Mayhem’s attacks and hold them off the point long enough to push the first attack to Overtime. With their support players waiting to respawn, the Mayhem would fail to take the first point but would pick up two and a half ticks before Overtime would run out.

The attack for the Charge began with an outside approach and they quickly moved onto the point. They picked up one tick on their first push but would be held off by the Mayhem. The Charge would take one more push and wipe the Mayhem from the point and take the map and series 2-1.

Map 4: Rialto

Florida: 2 Guangzhou: 1

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Guangzhou would have the first attack on Rialto, and the Mayhem were ready for it. The Mayhem were able to push the Charge into overtime at Point A, but would lose the team fight and the point. As the Charge moved the payload over the bridge, they would only get the payload to the archway. Push after push, the Charge would be met with strong Mayhem defenses and would run out of overtime and not even get halfway to Point B.

On their attack, the Mayhem would have a Mei/GOATS composition that would zone the Charge in their favor. Although their push was strong, the Mayhem would score Point A in Overtime. The bridge would be a difficult push for the Mayhem, but they would prove their power and take the score zone and push the series to a Map 5.

Map 5: Ilios

Florida: Guangzhou:

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The first round of Ilios would be Ruins, and the Mayhem came out of the gates swinging. They were able to hold the point all the way to 80% before the Charge would flip it. The favor would become the Charge’s however, and they would hold the Mayhem from retaking the point and take it for themselves.

The second round would be on Well, and it was a constant back and forth fight for the point. The Mayhem would put up good fights, but would fail to finish team fights to capitalize on their picks. The Charge showed that they were the stronger team on this Map 5, and took the close series with a 3-2 victory.


The Florida Mayhem have one more match this week as they take on the Houston Outlaws on Saturday at 4:30pm EST.


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