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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs. Seoul Dynasty

Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising (2-2) vs Seoul Dynasty (2-2)

Nepal Boston 2-1 Seoul

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Boston took to the map with vigor and force. Easily, they captured the shrine and held it for nearly 70% before the Dynasty came back to flip the point. However, their hold was soon broken. With a huge play from NotE, his self destruct killed three people, with NotE following it up with another solo kill. From there, it was waiting to get to 100%. Easily, Boston took the first round.

The second point entered the same territory. With the Uprising taking the point first, they rarely bent to let it go. A last minute play from the Dynasty allowed them to take the point back at 99%, with credit to Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi and a massive play. Michelle then repeated the play, causing Boston to falter at the end of the round. With the Uprising unable to touch, Seoul took the round.

The third round started in Boston’s favor. With a double kill to start the amp from support Kristian “Kellex” Keller which let Boston take the point. With point capture charged to 61%, Seoul managed to flip it back in their favor. However, Boston wasn’t going down without a fight. Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth landed a shatter that caused Boston to take the point back, even if it was just momentarily. At 99% to Seoul, Fusions once again pushed the Dynasty off the point. From then on, it was coming up Boston. The Uprising won the match, 2-1.

Numbani Boston 5-4 Seoul

With Boston on the attack first, they wasted no time in jumping on the point. Though they lost their supports early in the fight, Fusions and Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse didn’t let it stop them. Capturing the point, they continued to push the payload with ease. Despite a quick halt just short of the second point, the team banded together for a wipe. A capture of the second point then quickly followed. With particularly impressive gameplay from Min-seok “AimGod” “Jeff” Kwon, the Boston Uprising went on to complete the map.

LA Valiant
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

When the tables were turned, Seoul turned to a strategy that’s proven well for other teams. Switching to a Pharah and Mercy combo, as well as a Sombra, they dominated the map. The point was captured with ease, and though Boston held their own and managed to stall out the completion of the map, it was inevitable. Seoul finished with just a little more time in their bank.

With just under a minute to get the first point, Boston won the fight. They captured the point and stayed with it, winning team fights to hold Seoul back. Being in overtime, they needed to stick to the cart in order to gain progress. Managing to win multiple fights, Boston nearly completed the map.

Seoul brought out their offensive composition once more, making it hard for Boston to challenge the Pharah and Mercy combination. However, Boston still had something to prove. Just around the bend, after capturing the point, the Uprising pushed Seoul back. In the end, the Uprising won the match, 5-4.

Anubis Boston 3-4 Seoul

Being two up at the half, Boston didn’t waste any time in trying to secure a series win. Immediately, they charged the first point on Anubis, steamrolling their way into a first point capture. Getting the second point proved a little harder, as Anubis tends to be. Fights failed, until Fusions had finally had enough. A huge shatter earned him three kills, and Boston swooped in to clean the rest up. A double point capture was secured.

However, with the sides flipped, Seoul knew what to do. With more time, they steamrolled both points with ease. With how quickly they completed the map, the time bank played in their favor.

Boston got to attack again first, given their smaller time bank. However, that didn’t stop them from going all in. Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang led the pack with a double kill on Brigitte, opening up the point and allowing Boston to stay in the fight. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold their momentum, and came up shy of earning the second point.

With Seoul on the attack, Boston did their best to hold Seoul back. For a while, they succeeded, winning team fights back to back. However, another massive bomb from Michelle caused Boston to falter. From there, the steamroll began, and Boston ended up losing the match, 4-3.

Route 66 Boston 3-2 Seoul

Image Courtesy of Team Liquid

For the last map, Boston decided to switch things up. Allowing Colourhex to play his specialist character, Sombra, they gave a more aggressive approach to GOATs. It worked for the first point, and nearly all of the second push. However, with Seoul being able to shut down their advances, Boston switched back to GOATs. With Fusions shutting down a last minute shatter from Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek, Boston was able to complete the map.

Seoul had a hard time breaking through the Uprising’s defense. Time and time again, Boston would win the team fights. However, in overtime, Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim pulled out enough energy kills to secure them the first point. Once again, the Dynasty found it hard to push through their defenses until overtime.

However, at the end of the road, the Uprising found their fuel. Holding them back, the team banded together to ensure that the Dynasty did not get to touch that payload. With huge plays from NotE, the Uprising managed to keep them at bay. They ended up winning the match, 3-2.


What a comeback. After suffering a crushing defeat last week, it’s amazing to see the Uprising come back with such vigor and high spirits. They went into this game with something to prove, and they certainly proved it. This playstyle should continue onto Sunday, where they face even more fearsome opponents. Though it can’t be said whether or not they’ll win or lose against the Defiant, it can be said that they’ll certainly give Toronto a run for their money.


Featured Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League.

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