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Overwatch League Hero Spotlight: D.Va

Courtesy of Overwatch League

Want to become more successful in Overwatch or do you simply want to play the best hero in the game? Well look no further, that hero is the one who is piloting a giant mech. D.Va is a Tank hero that can be used in every situation and there is a reason why she is the most picked hero in the Overwatch League. D.Va’s kit offers a variety of tools, that allows different playstyles. D.Va can be used aggressively in a dive composition or she can be played more defensively to keep her team alive. Whichever playstyle that your team sees fit, D.Va is the hero for every occasion.

D.Va’s Kit

All around, D.Va’s kit is one of the strongest in the game. Unlike normal tanks who typically have 600 health, D.Va effectively has 750 Health because once her mech breaks she goes into Pilot D.Va or Baby D.Va and has 150 health, until she earns her mech back or dies. D.Va has extreme survivability and flexibility as a hero. D.Va’s large health pool, Boosters, Defense Matrix, and Micro Missiles help her eliminate enemies while also protecting teammates.


Her first ability Boosters is simple, it allows D.Va to fly around for two seconds. This movement ability allows her chase down enemies or fly to protect teammates who may be in danger. Additionally, she can use this in combination with her Ultimate Self-Destruct to throw her mech bomb at unique angles or zone people from objectives. Overall, Boosters is just a good movement ability that lets her do a variety of things.

Defense Matrix

Her second ability Defense Matrix is pretty powerful, so strong that Blizzard had to make it weaker. Defense Matrix allows D.Va to eat damage or enemy projectiles for a short period of time. This tool allows D.Va to protect teammates who may be getting dove by enemy heroes and it can negate some abilities. Defense Matrix can completely shut down a Zarya Graviton Surge or Soldier 76 Tactical Visor. Just imagine a time where you could use Defense Matrix for even longer.

Micro Missiles

D.Va’s third ability Micro Missiles allows her to shoot missiles and deal damage. This ability is very good when combined with her basic attack and Booster ability. D.Va can play aggressive to pressure enemies with reasonable damage or finish off lower health enemies. Micro Missiles damage is nothing to overlook either, especially since it does splash damage.


Finally, D.Va’s Ultimate Self-Destruct turns her mech into a bomb. D.Va can throw her mech bomb using her Booster ability. Doing this D.Va players can catch opponents at off angles in order to give their team an advantage in a fight. However, D.Va players do need to be aware that while doing this she is out of mech. Enemies can capitalize on this if she gets dove before she is able to re-mech. The clip below is of Poko from the Philadelphia Fusion using D.Va’s Self-Destruct.

Professional Play: Why is she so good?

Overall D.Va is just a really good hero to play. Professional players love and hate her alike because she can eat enemy Ultimates or abilities, rendering them useless. Similarly, D.Va is a very annoying hero to play against, she can easily punish a support who is out of place or mitigate enemy damage output. D.Va’s damage is strong, it can allow her to take down multiple players against an uncoordinated team. D.Va provides her team with an appropriate amount of aggression, while also having enough defensive capabilities. There is a reason why she is known as a Main Tank and is the most played hero in the Overwatch League. Teams would be a fool not to have her on any given map.

Looking Ahead

All in all, D.Va is a very strong hero. She provides her team with flexibility in playstyles, as well as a variety of tools to supplement that playstyle. Some would and could argue that D.Va is too strong, but against a coordinated team her power is drastically reduced. Coordinated teams can kill her when she dives in or can hide when she throws her Ultimate. Nevertheless, if teams don’t stay sharp, D.Va can wreak havoc and make some huge team fight plays. To see some of the best D.Va players go head to head, tune into the Overwatch League.


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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Videos Clips: Overwatch League

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