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Overwatch: DC team signs their head coach WizardHyeong, former NYXL tank Janus and are meeting with Ark

It has been a short time since the Overwatch League announced that there would be a team in Washington D.C. but they are already making big moves. After signing Kate “Kate” Mitchell as their GM they have brought on Hyeong-seok “WizardHyeong” Kim as head coach and Joon-hwa “Janus” Song to play main tank via their twitter account.

The move for WizardHyeong had been rumored for the last day or two even though he had originally denied it. After being released from the New York Excelsior it was clear that he would be picked up quickly. It seems as though DC and Mitchell acted fast and probably offered him a good sum to grab him.

Janus comes with him after also recently being released from the NYXL. This was a surprising move but it will allow Janus to get a fresh start. He will be able to potentially be “the” star player on this team after being surrounded with incredible talent all last season.

Also with this Hong “ArK” Yeon-joon, tweeted out that he was specifically meeting with DC’s newest coach and player.

If ArK were to join this roster as well, DC would be getting two players that are not only skilled but, also gained a lot of experience on a top tier team last season. This is not to say that he will sign with the team as he is still with the Excelsior.

One question this brings up is, what is going on with NYXL? Their season clearly did not end well considering many expected them to roll through the playoffs. Even still after releasing Janus and WizardHyeong one has to wonder if there are some locker room issues going on? It is possible that NYXL have a plan but, right now it seems as though their players and coaches could be losing faith in their decisions.

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