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Overwatch anniversary event is back next week: What to watch for


Just a few weeks after the Overwatch archives event has ended, the anniversary event is about to begin. Slated to begin May 22nd, this anniversary event will be a must play for many Overwatch fans. Not only can you grab new skins, but there’s a whole lot more to look forward to.

All the Overwatch Seasonal Skins

Halloween Terror Seasonal Skins from Overwatch

You didn’t read that wrong. Blizzard has announced that all past seasonal skins from Overwatch events will be available for purchase or to find in your loot box during the anniversary event. If you missed out at all during past Halloweens, Winter Wonderlands or summer games, be prepared to claw your way through loot boxes for the sweet sweet loot. Never have the seasonal skins been in such easy grasp of many fans, and the length of the event, May 22nd to June 11th, offers fans plenty of time. Along with past returning skins, some heroes will be getting new digs. There will be a total of eight new legendary skins and three new epic ones. Judging by the announcement, pirate Junkrat will be one of the epic skins.

Dance your heart out

The highly coveted dance emotes are coming back! Along with their re-arrival, Moira, Doomfist, and Brigitte will be getting a dance emote as well. A highly popular item, and one that always entertains before a match starts is a great incentive for increased play in Overwatch. Not only this, but when you pull off a potential POTG you’ll be able to gloat in style. A great way to view all of these are over at the Overwatch anniversary homepage.

Seasonal Brawls

Yeti Hunt from Blizzard and Overwatch

Blizzard announced that all past seasonal brawls will be returning. To many fans chagrin, they have their eyes set for more Lucioball. For others, it will be Mei’s yeti hunt or snowball fight. Whatever your guilty brawl pleasure, Blizzard is ready to bring it back for your enjoyment. It’s a great way to relax after some heavy competitive games, and an even better one for laughs. Coinciding with a free weekend of play to the public, Blizzard is ready to show those not in the game exactly what they’re about.

Deathmatch getting some love

New Escort Map Rialto from Overwatch

Deathmatch is benefiting a lot from the anniversary event. A different take on the Overwatch game mode that sees it become a more traditional shooter, it’s loved by many. For this event, Blizzard is updating the mode with a new map, Petra, and a competitive mode. There will be ranks, placements, and dreaded SR loss. In a mode that was called for often, then often neglected, it’s nice to see Blizzard continue to tinker with modes and maps. Also, adding a new map in any capacity after the recently released Rialto means that Blizzard is intent on bringing fans of Overwatch more content of what they want.

In summary, this event is great for anyone who missed out on that skin, who misses playing that seasonal game mode. It’s a testament to the fan base Overwatch has had throughout its two years, and a thank you to anyone who has joined the world to experience it’s joy. So for the next week, get ready to grind for those skins or emotes and mostly, go enjoy yourselves.

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