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Outlandish League of Legends Champion Personalities

For the most part, champions in League of Legends’ personalities fall under a few broad categories:

  • I’m a fighter to prove/defend something
  • I’m a ninja
  • I’m just a murderer
  • I’m good at fighting so they sent me here
  • I’m a yordle and I’m funny and whimsical and free spirited
  • I’m from the Void and I’m scary AF
  • I’m just insane
  • I love death and am hyper emo and obsessed with it
  • I’m really p*ssed off and edgy

However, there a few champions who break these molds and stand out as true icons on the rift, champions so unique that during any game you will get a “OMG I LUV (insert name) LULZ” every game you play as them. Personally, I like these champions a lot. I like any character that is not just, “I’m here because I am good at killing.”

Amumu just wants some friends :( (Image:
Amumu just wants some friends 🙁 (Courtesy of

Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is one of these champions. He is great. He has a ward, he has a composition named after his ultimate (Curse of the Sad Bullet Time), and he’s really sad. All he wants is some friends, but he can never seem to find any. His abilities consist of throwing out his mummy wraps, crying, throwing a fit, and cursing an area around himself. A far cry from the swordsmen and bowmen of the Rift, yawn. Cheer up bud, you have a friend in me Amumu.

Zac, in all of his delicious glory (Image:
Zac, in all of his delicious glory (Courtesy of

Zac, the Secret Weapon, was made for this, literally. He was made in Zaun, a land of untapped scientific exploration, and looks like he is made of green Jell-O. You can also get his skins or chromas, which make him look purple, gold, orange, or pink Jell-O respectively. He also has a Pool Party skin, which finally puts clothes on him in the form of a Speedo and snorkel mask. He is blue Jell-O, and he has little rubber duckies in him. In-game, he gets bigger the more health he has, and the bigger he is the bigger area of effect his spells have. In his lore he always got picked on in school for being a green gelatinous monster. Middle school kids can be merciless and brutal.

Nunu and Willump, respectively (Image:
Nunu and Willump, respectively (Courtesy of

Nunu, the Yeti Rider, is a parka clad boy who rides a yeti. Honestly, the yeti does most of the work. The yeti walks around, the yeti can consume minions and monsters, the yeti’s blood boils, raising his and an ally’s attack speed and movement speed, and the yeti has the power to control the temperature in the air around him and make it so cold that enemies get slowed and eventually take damage. Nunu, the boy, throws snowballs. Oh! The yeti’s name is Willump! Did you know that?

He's a king, he couldn't get a hat that fits? (Image:
He’s a king, he couldn’t get a hat that fits? (Courtesy of

Tahm Kench, the River King, is just a hungry demon looking for some grub. He makes jokes about eating, he taunts people with threats of eating them, and he just eats people. He has a taunt specific for most of the champions in the game, and he spits up a hamburger, then re-eats it. Ewwie. This guy will truly eat anything! He even eats Zac! (Zac looks delicious, that’s the point of this article.) He even eats his teammates. He just eats, and eats, and eats, then his team wins.

I didn't think it was possible to get enough Draven in one photo, this might be it though. (Image:
I didn’t think it was possible to get enough Draven in one photo, this might be it though. (Courtesy of

Draven, the Glorius Executioner, while he is just a murderer, puts quite a twist on it. Back in Noxus, where he hails from, he was an executioner. People would come from all around to see some of his executions. Then, one day, a prisoner tried to run away, so Draven threw the axe at him. It caught him flush, and the Glory came to the Glorious Executioner. Primetime, Beast Hunter, and even Draven, Draven takes many forms. (Editor’s note: It’s not Draven, It’s Draaaaaaaaaven.)

Malphite isn't your everyday rock. He can be: marble, obsidian, green, a transformer, a boat, he can even be coral! (Image:
Malphite isn’t your everyday rock. He can be: marble, obsidian, green, a transformer, a boat, he can even be coral! (Courtesy of

Malphite, the Shard of the Monolith, is a solid foundation on which a team can be built. He has an engage, his ultimate ability, that is really hard to counter. He is a champion who, if on the other team, should not be taken for granted. He can be really tanky, a true mountain of a champion. His primary focus is building rock-hard armor, which boosts the power of some of his abilities. If you haven’t figured it out yet (somehow) he’s a big rock. Without joking though, yes his ultimate is a crazy good engage and yes you can build a team composition around him.

There are more champions who don’t fit a mold, Annie, Orianna and Nautilus to name a few. Sadly, a lot of the champions are cookie-cutter, no-nonsense fighters. The Garens and Darius’s of the world are fine, I guess, but they don’t bring very much fun to the table. It’s always nice to have a character like Draven in your rotation to liven things up a bit.

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