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Overwatch League Recap: NYXL vs Philadelphia Fusion

The NYXL made their stage two debut against the Philadelphia Fusion a statement that the Excelsior are going to be the team to beat yet again this stage. In an impressive 4-0 sweep, the NYXL crushed the Fusion and made sure it was clear that New York is a force to be reckoned with.

Starting Roster:

  • Seonghyun “Jjonak” Bang
  • Tae-Sung “Anamo” Jung
  • Tae-Hong “MekO” Kim
  • Yeon-Gwan “Nenne” Jeong
  • Dong-Gyu “Mano” Kim
  • Haeseong ”Libero” Kim


Lijiang Tower: NYXL 2 – 0 FUSION

With Philly on triple DPS and the NYXL running their typical GOATs comp on Night Market, New York was able to quickly and easily take the point first and force a reset. The NYXL fought the Fusion off repeatedly, their grip on the point unbreakable. The NYXL full held on the first point without even getting sent into overtime.

The Fusion immediately rushed to the high ground on control center to keep the NYXL from gaining too much ground. Despite this, the NYXL still managed to capture the point first. In overtime, the Fusion were able to finally flip the point, breaking the NYXL’s hold. It wasn’t for long, though, as the NYXL were able to flip the point and regain control quickly after. They took the map, and the round.



After a long two fights, the NYXL pushed the Fusion off of their defense on point A. MekO was able to land a huge 4k DVa bomb and after a long drawn out fight, ended up allowing the overtime timer to run out and took point B with little trouble.

Just as it looked like the Fusion were going to take the first point, they were challenged by the NYXL who drew out the fight for a long time before they finally took it. New York was able to hold the second point, going into halftime 2-0 against the Fusion.



With a swift cap on point A on their attack, the NYXL had 5:20 to push the payload. Focusing down Josue “EQO” Corona with every team fight, the NYXL were able to roll the cart without slowing down, even securing a team kill before rolling to point B. the NYXL pushed the payload through the third point with ease, booping Gael “Poko” Gouzerch off from even attempting to contest.

With the NYXL running a more traditional 2-2-2 composition on defense, the Fusion were able to push through their weak defense and capture point A with almost six minutes to push. The NYXL held on for most of the map before the Fusion pushed through point B. However, when Jaehyeok “carpe” Lee switched onto Doomfist, the NYXL were pushed back yet again and the Fusion captured point B. The fusion, with thirty seconds left on the clock, were able to push the round into overtime. However, New York halted the payload just before the Fusion were able to go through the third point and with that, the Excelsior took the series.



Photo Courtesy of @hanafuda_OW on Twitter

On attack, the NYXL rolled through the first point with ease. Jjonak gave audiences exactly the type of flashy aggressive Zenyatta plays that fans love to see from him. The NYXL were practically unstoppable and kept the payload moving through most of their attack. With absurd levels of aggression, the Excelsior pushed through the third point with ease.

The NYXL used this defense round to experiment with the new hero — Baptiste — running him, a Widowmaker and a Bastion. Despite the risks in this type of experimentation, the Excelsior held the Fusion just after the first corner in front of Philly’s spawn doors for a while before the Fusion were finally able to break the NYXL’s defensive line and push the cart through point A. The NYXL were able to slow the Fusion, and with 15 seconds left in the round, the Excelsior wiped the Fusion and secured the clean sweep.  



The NYXL showed up and showed out. Their debut match showed fans that they are not here to play this stage. New York is here to take the championship this time around, and their strength and game sense are things to be feared. All of the shakiness, the messiness and the uncertainty from the stage one finals was nowhere to be found. If they keep this up, the NYXL are going to be unstoppable this stage.


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