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New York Excelsior: Stage 3 Week 2 Preview

Oveerwatch League

The New York Excelsior returned to the Overwatch League, ending their first week back with two wins under their belt.


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Excelsior’s performance against the Houston Outlaws had fans worried about the outcome of the remainder of the stage for New York. They struggled against the Outlaws, having to go to a Map 5 to finally secure the victory against a team that is massively underperforming in their second season. For a more detailed recap, click here!

However, fans certainly had their worries quelled when the Excelsior went 4 – 0 against the London Spitfire. The team seemed to turn themselves around, making notable improvements in the four map series. For a more detailed recap, click here!


Moving into the second week, the Excelsior only have one game to look forward to. On Friday, New York will face the Paris Eternal in what is sure to be an interesting match.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Their slow but steady improvement through their first season in the Overwatch League has fans hopeful for their future moving forward, and the team’s willingness to take risks has certainly proven to work out in their favor.

However, this willingness could prove to be the Eternal’s downfall. The Excelsior’s main strength is their ability to capitalize on the weaknesses of their opponents. If those moments where Paris decides to take a risk is one that also exposes a weakness for them, there’s no way that New York won’t sniff it out and be able to use it to their own advantage.

This being said, New York’s adaptability has also proven itself to be their own weakness a few times now. If New York is unable to really adapt to a change that Paris asserts, that could spell out their defeat.

Prediction: New York wins 3 – 2


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Player to Watch:

Fan favorite Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park has returned to the Overwatch League stage after having been benched for the better part of the OWL’s second season. His return is most notably marked by the team’s focus on his Sombra play.

While against the Outlaws, his use of the Hero was clearly messy — Saebyeolbe himself even said in a post-match interview that he really hadn’t played much of the Hero before being subbed in. His growth on the Hero has been amazing to watch, and he will definitely continue to get stronger as his mastery of the Hero grows.


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Featured photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Ent.

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