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NYXL Continues to Dominate in the Overwatch League


To no one’s surprise the New York Excelsior made it to the Stage Finals, again. This time they’ve managed to close out the Finals with a win against the Philadelphia Fusion, crowning themselves as the Stage 2 Champions. The NYXL have been dominate all season, leading the pack in both the stage standings and overall standings. It was only a matter of time before they got their stage title. Their knowledge of the game, teamwork and mechanical prowess have been unrivaled by other teams. It seems that in close games the NYXL always find a way to spot a team’s weakness and finish out a series. With half of the regular season completed, it is safe to say that the New York Excelsior is the best team in the Overwatch League.

Stage 2 Performance

Losing to the London Spitfire in the Stage 1 Finals, the NYXL had salt in their mouths after they knew that they should have closed out the series, to win the finals. The NYXL had already won the first two games in the best of five series, however, they couldn’t finish and managed to get reverse swept by the Spitfire. Like a resilient team does, they practiced hard to prep for Stage 2, and it showed. The NYXL dominated teams in Stage 2, taking almost every map in the 10 games that they played – their cumulative map win differential was huge. By the end of the Stage 2 season they held sole possession of first place and even started separating themselves from the second and third place teams in the overall standings. The NYXL wanted to show that they were the best, badly.

Like in Stage 1, they guaranteed themselves a spot in the Stage 2 Finals, due to their performance during the regular season. However, after an incredible run by the Philadelphia Fusion, who beat the London Spitfire 3-2 in the semifinals, the NYXL found themselves down 2-0 in the finals. In the complete opposite position of the Stage 1 Finals, the NYXL did what they do best – play resiliently and together. The clip below shows how JJonak stepped up in a big way for the NYXL in the finals. The New York Excelsior rallied to win three straight maps off the Philadelphia Fusion, crowning themselves as the Stage 2 Champions. Finally, all the pieces came together for the NYXL.

Only Getting Stronger

As if this team wasn’t scary enough, the NYXL are continuing to improve their roster and gameplay. Although, not on the first team yet, the NYXL signed Yeon-oh “Fl0w3R” Hwang. As known from his performances on the South Korean team during the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, Fl0w3R is one of the youngest and most talented players in the world. The clip below is of Fl0w3R’s excellent play during the Overwatch World Cup. With an even deeper and more skilled roster, the NYXL have a promising future, not to mention the improvement that the current players are making on their team. With a world class team, it looks like there will be no slow in the NYXL’s pace.

Looking Ahead

With Stage 3 and Stage 4 on the horizon, the New York Excelsior are looking to continue their dominance in the Overwatch league. Will anyone be able to beat the NYXL, consistently? Likewise, will anyone be able to catch up to them in the standings? What we do know for sure is that we can expect to see a dominate performance from the NYXL on a weekly basis and explosive plays from their talented roster. Tune into the Overwatch League to follow the New York Excelsior and their conquest to be the inaugural season champions.


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