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NPLC Phase 3 Relegation Weekend: Who Moved Up?


Before the Contenders get their chance to take on the National PUBG League’s top tier, the bottom part have to hold on to their places. Contenders’ relegation weekend give aspiring teams a chance to break into the scene by beating out the worst performers from the Contenders’ phase. What aspiring teams are up to bat this time around? Were any of these new sides able to overcome the competition and show that they deserve a chance in the Contenders?

The Teams

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The bottom six of the National PUBG League Contenders were Elevate, The Happy Campers, FlipSid3 Tactics, San Diego Rarity, Almost and Work in Progress. Almost all six of these teams have had moments over the course of Phase 3 that proved they can win. They will have to hold on and try their hardest to stay in the Contenders league. If they fail, it is going to be a long way for them to crawl back to the scene. Losing in these relegations can permanently kill a team.

The 10 teams attempting to climb up are Mixed Results, Brugs, Nutters, Broken W Key, Orion, Apollo, Tier8, Knights, 605 Gaming and Conflict White. Not too much is known about any of these new teams, but they are very eager to show that they can compete on the professional level.

Day One

The first day of the NPLC relegations kicked off with a win for Brugs. The side from the Open finished off 605 with a grenade and using the blue zone to their advantage. They were followed by a huge win for NPLC side Work in Progress. They put up 13 kills and finished off San Diego Rarity. The third match went to Broken W Key who held out till the end, letting Nutters fall to the blue zone. The next three matches saw another win for Brugs, and two for San Diego Rarity. San Diego Rarity and Brugs came away with big wins in day one, but will they be able to do it again in the second day?

Day Two

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Day two started off with a win for Orion who failed to find their place in day one. They finished off Tier8 who were also looking for their first win. Apollo took the next win, also earning their first of the day. With first wins all around so far, the table is starting to shake a little. Elevate then came in and earned yet another first Chicken Dinner to add some much-needed points to their tally.

With only three matches left, Elevate did the double, giving them a massive boost in the competition. They managed to hold off The Happy Campers yet again to seal their win. This was followed by a win for Mixed Results. They finished off THC, who were yet again in the final two, to secure some major points for their cause. With the Contenders’ relegation coming to an end, San Diego Rarity pulled out one final win.

Promoted Teams

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At the end of the weekend, after all of the hard-fought battles, San Diego Rarity, The Happy Campers, Elevate and Work in Progress retained their spots in the NPLC. Mixed Results and Brugs came in fifth and sixth, earning themselves a promotion into the NPLC. Unfortunately for FlipSid3 and Almost, they will not be returning next time around. They went out in 12th and 15th place.

Congratulations to the two new sides. Welcome to the NPLC. Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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