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Nerd Street Gamers Announces Continual Dreamhack Partnership

Nerd Street Gamers, the organization that helped host last weekend’s Battle of Brotherly Love Philadelphia Fusion homestand, announced their continued partnership with Dreamhack on Wednesday.

Who is Nerd Street Gamers?

Nerd Street Gamers or “NSG”, is an organization that partners with esports facilities in the US. Their goal is to provide competitive facilities to promote esports in America that are readily available to everyone. Their largest partner, Localhost, owns facilities in Philadelphia, Denver, Huntington Beach and coming soon to Los Angles. These locations provide gaming PCs and consoles for the general public to compete and network with like-minded individuals.

Image courtesy of Localhost Philly

Dreamhack Event

Dreamhack is a festival that celebrates gaming and esports. Starting this year, the city of Anaheim California hosts the first Dreamhack festival on the west coast. Not only does this event celebrate gaming with its fans, but it also offers a large esports platform for professionals. This year, Dreamhack Anaheim features tournaments for the following games and offers a variety of prize pools:

Fortnight – $250,000 Prize

Counter-Strike – $100,000 Prize

Magic: The Gathering Arena – $100,000 Prize

Halo – $50,000 Prize

Warcraft 3 – $25,000 Prize

Madden 20 – $25,000 Prize

Various Fighting Games – $10,000 Prize

Rocket League – $5,000 Prize

Hearthstone – $2,500 Prize

Image courtesy of Dreamhack

Nerd Street Gamers’ Involvement

NSG is a huge player in this event, providing 275 PCs. Not only will these PCs be used for fans but they will also get used for competitive play. These PCs include RTX 2070 graphics cars and Intel i7-9700k CPUs which are fully equipped to handle anything thrown at them.


Dreamhack Anaheim starts on Friday, February 21st and goes until Sunday, February 23rd.


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Featured Image Courtesy of Nerd Street Gamers

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