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Beats, rhymes and life: NBA 2K18 soundtrack

Music has been apart of the NBA 2K series and basketball video games from the beginning. In fact, the cover of NBA 2K13 marketed the game as ‘Executive Produced By Jay-Z’. Two years later with NBA 2K15 the cover had ‘Music Curated By Pharrell Williams’. Not only in 2K where music is significant but it’s part of the basketball culture. Over the years the NBA 2K series has featured a library of songs and each year has more songs than the last. NBA 2K18 is no different and its music helps shape our experience with the game.

NBA 2K18 soundtrack

There are 50 songs in the NBA 2K18 soundtrack and many songs are from different genres. From Kendrick Lamar to Def Leppard to hip-hop songs in different languages, the playlist is very diverse. The soundtrack should have something for everyone, especially to hip-hop fans. There’s a lot of songs in different eras of hip-hop’s evolution. I grew up to a few of these songs such as ‘Nas Is Like’ and ‘They Reminisce Over You’ from the short but sweet NBA Street Vol. 2 soundtrack.

NBA 2K18 incorporates music into MyCareer when Doc’s Barber Shop gifts you headphones. The headphones alternate between in-game sounds and the soundtrack when you wear them. You could even buy different styles of headphones in-game to give yours more personality. From the arena music to strolling around the neighborhood, music is everywhere. You can also find the official NBA 2K18 soundtrack playlist on Spotify.

Here is the NBA 2K18 Soundtrack:

Basketball And music

Music is an important part of basketball culture on and off the court. In television you often see NBA players walk into the arena listening to music in their headphones. Often rappers want to be NBA stars and NBA stars want to be rappers. The crossover between two different worlds have been seen by Kobe and Shaq to name a few. However the most successful NBA star turned rapper, that can do both, is Damian Lillard. He has two songs with one being exclusive in the NBA 2K18 soundtrack.

Lillard recently released his second album, Confirmed, under the name Dame D.O.L.L.A. The album has popular artists as features including Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and BJ the Chicago Kid. Music is an important outlet for Lillard because it influenced him at an early age where he began to start writing songs. So much that 2K18 featured Lillard inside the JBL Studio in MyCareer where you can use the beat machine to create instrumentals.

Here is Damian Lillard on the NBA 2K18 experience and his passion for music:

Relationship with music

Basketball and music share a special relationship together. Music takes you to a different place and changes how you feel. In many areas music is an important aspect of everyone’s life where it’s almost ritualistic. Many of us grew up listening to a lot of music and it became apart of our life in some way. Whether it’s from basketball to studying for your exam, music has a place everywhere around us. I want to ask what songs have you been listening to lately? What is your favorite song from the NBA 2K18 soundtrack? Feel free to share your comments.


Featured image courtesy of Tito Sar.

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