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My Top 10 Video Games of All Time

E3 is always a popular stop on the gaming calendar. (Photo By: Sony Entertainment)

E3 is always a popular stop on the gaming calendar. (Photo By: Sony Entertainment)

The top video games of all time is a highly preferential list. Some of us like puzzle games, others favor shooters, and others prefer open world games. It’s a diverse universe, and likely everyone you talk to would have their top 10 list. With that being said, my list ranks superior to all. Why? Because it’s mine. Not to over glorify my list, but I do believe I have a solid list. It’s a mixture of old and new, the games I grew up on and the games that have hooked me to this day.

The early days of my gaming life were heavily influenced by my archaic system, the Sega Genesis. That was the system I grew up with and cut my teeth on. So many great days spent in my toddler years were spent playing Madden Football or Sonic the Hedgehog. It was glorious.

As I grew up, I moved to beefier systems like my PlayStation. The original. Spyro and Crash Team Racing were my most beloved treasures on this system. But Twisted Metal will always hold a special spot in my heart.

I stuck with Sony as the PlayStation 2 came to rise. I had just about every generation of PS2, the bulky one and the slim. Enjoying every minute of Guitar Hero is what I most fondly remember.

But then a great switch came. Never had I played too many online games, but once a few friends began telling me of the greatness of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, I had to switch. This is where things got real exciting. Shooters have since taken hold and are my primary love. With the 360 I began playing Call of Duty 4. Now, I was no stranger to COD. I had played all of the prior generations. But this, with full online support, this was special.

And shortly after the next generation of gaming systems were unveiled, I had thought the Xbox One would be where I spent the foreseeable future. I preordered the day it was released. The Day One edition would arrive at my house after a long wait from the UPS truck, and I began playing with all of the new goodies.

However, my days of Xbox One were numbered. A game I had longed for, MLB The Show, is exclusive to Sony (they do produce the product) and with the lackluster first year of Xbox One, I decided it was time to switch. A few friends who I’ve been playing with since 360 decided that PS4 was the choice also switched. And as of May 2015, I became a Sony guy once again.

With my history of gaming well established, let’s jump to the list.[button-white url=”” target=”_self” position=”right”]Next Page [/button-white]

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Tim Miller February 13, 2016 at 11:34 am

Where’s the NCAA games by EASports??? I’m disappointed in you, Daniel! If anyone would pick the best game of all-time, I figure it’d be you! Whether it be NCAA basketball or football, those games kept you playing and are timeless. Quick seasons with awesome recruiting features on dynasty. I still play NCAA Football and Basketball in my spare time.


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