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Interview with Angry Titans’ LullSiSH: “I feel like the top teams from NA, KR, and EU would be really competitive against each other.”

With one of the biggest games of the season coming up in EU Contenders on Thursday, we at The Game Haus sat down with the Angry Titans’ leading front-liner, LullSiSH, to talk about the Titans’ season so far, EU vs the world, and his thoughts on recent Contenders changes. Enjoy!


First off, for anyone who doesn’t know you – who are you? What’s your history in Overwatch?

Hello, im Lukas “LullSiSH” Wiklund, and I’m the Main Tank player for Angry Titans. My history in Overwatch is quite simple. The first team I ever played on was “Vivi’s Adventure”, which I played on for eight months. It was the team where I made a name for myself in the scene. A month after Vivi’s disbanded, i got picked up for Angry Titans – I’ve been playing here for a year and a half!


AT has had quite the season – and has been crazy consistent for the past few. What goes into your success, both individually and as a team? What’s changed between this season and last season to really nail things down?

It’s really just hard work – not leaving anything up to chance, and doing everything you can to try and get the percentages working in your favor. The main differences after each season [for us] is that we prepare and work harder than the season before – and more importantly, we work smarter than the season before.


Is there anyone on the team who has had a particularly large impact on the team’s success this season? How, if so?

If i were to name just one guy, it would be Faustus. From his coaching position, he makes sure that we are always going through everything we need to go through – if something hasn’t been handled or still needs improvement, he’ll work on it well after scrim hours to make sure everyone is on their A game.


How do you feel EU as a region stacks up against other Contenders regions across the world? What’s the best region in the world right now, and why?

I think in the current GOATS meta, EU is one of the best regions in the world. The main reason is that GOATS has been played the longest in EU overall, and in general we have the most time played on tanks out of any region. That said, it’s hard to pick one best region. I feel like the top teams from NA, KR, and EU would be really competitive against each other. If i have to choose one, though, I’d still say EU!


Who are some players and teams (from any region) that you’re keeping an eye on, or looking up to?

Image result for trill overwatch
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

I don’t really watch any specific player or team, but if i had to pick someone it would probably be Trill from Envy, teaching me how to play with 350 ping 🙂 As for looking up to a player, I’ve definitely looked up to Guxue lately. At the World Cup [last year], he was really hype, and with the World Cup viewer i could watch his POV all day long. My style was very influenced by his play.


Are you happy with the changes Blizzard has made to T2 this year (the Gauntlet/LAN showdowns, prize pool adjustments, etc?) What more could Blizzard be doing to support Contenders at this point?

The changes Blizzard made this season and for the future are really good, in my opinion. The main thing Blizzard could do more is to advertise Contenders on their social media – but other then that, I can’t really ask for more.


How do you feel about your team’s chances against British Hurricane this week? Anything you’re particularly worried about, or preparing for – especially with a new patch coming in?

We are a strong team, and Hurricane is a strong team. Whoever shows up will win – simple as that. As for the new meta, I have no clue, really. All I know is that teams that are versatile like us will have an advantage – so I’m not worried about the possibility of meta changes!


Who’s the scariest/best player on British Hurricane? Do you have any message for them, or the team in general?

In my opinion, numlocked is their best player. I hope we both play our best to have as good of a series possible, to see who is truly the better team.


What sort of message would you send to OWL scouts watching you (or your team) that are on the fence about signing you? How would you convince them you’re worth a shot?

We have consistently been at the top of European Contenders since Contenders started. We’ve been through our ups and downs, but we have a lot of experience playing as a team, and we know how much hard work it takes to stay on top.


Any messages for the fans to close things out?

Thank you guys for supporting us! We’ll keep making you proud. Keep writing #StayAngry in chat for us 😡😡😡



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Featured Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

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