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LEC: Week 3 Power Rankings

It seems as though fans are getting the matchups needed to see who is truly better than who. Luckily this past week there were a couple of shake-ups and some confirmations of where teams might actually be in the standings currently. This coming week will be important for the top two teams but other than that, it seems upsets will need to happen to really move any teams in terms of power rankings. So, without further ado, here are the TGH LEC power rankings.

10. exceL

It is not time to give up on this team just yet, they still have some talent that clearly is not used to playing with each other. That said, this team has only gotten three kills per game this season. No more, and no less. Right now, they may be one of the bottom three teams in the world. If they lose this week to Vitality then not only will it confirm they are the worst LEC team but it may be their only real chance at a win for a while.

9. Vitality

Courtesy of Team Vitality

A game against exceL this week could not have come sooner. This team looks horrible and it is possible that confidence is playing a factor but right now this is on YamatoCannon. He is considered to be one of the best coaches at least in the LEC and this team needs him more now than ever. If they lose to exceL, it might be time to start making some major changes.

8. Rogue

It is shocking for some but this team is 2-2 and showing that they can beat at least the two teams below them. If they play someone above them though, they continue to struggle. Thus, eighth is the perfect spot for them. This week gives Rogue an opportunity to move up at least one spot with a win over Splyce. They also play G2 which is essentially already a loss. If they can walk out of Week 3, 3-3 then they will be pleased.

7. Splyce

Image Courtesy of Splyce

Dropping a seriously close game to Schalke was tough for Splyce. They are a way better team than this but they continue to lack the ability to adapt to other playstyles. Because of this, they are even losing late games which they historically thrive in. Their hope this week will be that they can stomp Rogue and at least make it close if not get the win against Origen.

6. Schalke 04

Schalke currently sit in a playoff spot in these rankings and it’s because their losses were at the hands of teams above them and they were able to pull out a surprise victory over Splyce. Right now they will continue to battle with Splyce and SK gaming for the fifth and sixth playoff spots. Misfits and Rogue could potentially move their way into that discussion, from opposite ends, but for now, Schalke are the playoff gatekeepers.

5. SK Gaming

Courtesy of

With their only loses coming against the top two teams, it is safe the say that SK have weathered the storm and beaten who they needed to. This week will continue their climb. After taking out Schalke to move up they will look to do the same against Misfits and then hope for a relatively easy game against a hapless Vitality. If they come out 2-0 before Rift Rivals, SK will have shown everyone that they are no longer a middling team in the LEC.

4. Misfits

This may be the most controversial ranking because Misfits’ two losses have come against Origen and Fnatic and their two wins are against Rogue and exceL. They have a major opportunity to prove that they deserve this spot by playing SK and Schalke this weekend. Misfits need at least one win to prove they are at least a playoff team and getting two wins would solidify their positioning perfectly, until they can figure out a way to beat a top three team.

3. Origen

Courtesy of Origen

For right now, Origen starts the top tier. But, in another sense, they really are just in a tier of their own. Their two losses have been against the top two teams and while they haven’t been blowouts, they also have not been all that close. Because of this, they are comfortably still in third. To maintain this spot they need to assert their dominance and have a clean 2-0 weekend against Schalke and Splyce. A loss to either of them would dip them into the mess that is currently between Misfits and Splyce.

2. Fnatic

It has been a really long trek for Fnatic since Worlds last year. They started off the Spring looking like they had no idea what they were doing, they streaked into playoffs only to lose 3-1 to Origen in the semi-finals. Now they have defeated Origen and have their sites set on G2 to try and take down the current kings of the World.

1. G2

Courtesy of Leaguepedia.

As per usual this team is just trying new strategies out on their opponents to prepare for Worlds in a couple of months. They are just on another level but they do face a Fnatic team that is looking dangerous. If G2 don’t take care of business and take Fnatic seriously they could definitely be handed a loss. It is still unlikely that happens though.

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