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LEC: Week 2 Summer Split Power Rankings

Fnatic brings on Nemesis as mid laner for 2019

Even though it was only Week 1 of the LEC Summer Split, there was quite a bit learned. Some teams clearly came ready to play, others didn’t, and then there was G2. While there may not be much of a fight for the top spot, everything below should be interesting.

10. exceL

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This team brought in extra pieces in an attempt to play better and win some games after a rough Spring Split. Sadly, their loses this past weekend showed a very disconnected team with a lack of direction. While time will only help this team in the long run, they may run out of it before they get the chance to show what they can really do.

This week they play against Misfits and Splyce. It is unlikely that they win either game unless new Mid Laner, Son “Mickey” Young-min, is able to adapt quickly.

9. Vitality

There may not be a sadder story in all of League of Legends. Vitality have gone from a Worlds team to  one of the worst teams in the region. Splyce and Origen, two teams they needed to at least be competitive against, handled them quite easily. It does not seem like this will end unless they focus up and realize their days of just winging it won’t work in the LEC anymore.

Vitality will go from one end of the spectrum to another when they face Rogue and then G2. Their game against Rogue needs to be a win or they will likely be staring at an 0-4 start to the Summer Split.

8. Rogue

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Somehow, someway this team looked much better than in Spring Split and they are only two games in. While their Misfits game didn’t yield anything more than some kills, their stomp of exceL showed that they might be worth watching. It is still too early to say that this team has playoff potential but, they at least showed they aren’t the worst team in the LEC.

Week 2 could be another test for Rogue as they play Vitality and SK. This will show whether they are truly better than the faltering Vitality and if they are able to hang with playoff teams like SK.

7. Schalke 04

Week 1 did not really show much for Schalke other than they are possibly a gatekeeping team for playoffs. Their win against exceL was expected and their loss to SK was close. They are about at the level of SK but need just that little extra push. If they can find it then maybe they will be the ones to knock someone out of the playoffs for the sixth spot.

The competition for Schalke gets much harder this week as they face Splyce and Fnatic. They will not be favored in either of these games. That said, if Schalke play at their top level they could compete with Splyce and try for a 1-1 weekend.

6. SK

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This team may be forever in sixth and for them that could be completely fine, because it means they are a playoff team. Their defeat at the hands of Fnatic and win over Schalke prove that they may be in the perfect spot in the Power Rankings. It will take some wins over much better teams to prove otherwise.

While SK were able to scratch out a win against G2 last Split, it seems unlikely that they will repeat this one. G2 are just on another level right now. That said, they would continue to be consistent with a nice win over Rogue.

5. Splyce

At the beginning of their game against G2, Splyce seemed like they might be able to hang. Then, it went downhill very quickly and turned into a slaughter. Luckily they were able to remind themselves of just how good they can play be taking down Vitality in a strong manner. This team needs to learn to adapt better to beat the top teams but for now, they may just be content being in the top half of the LEC.

Splyce need to take care of business this week. They play Schalke and exceL, two teams that they should beat handily. If they struggle or happen to lose one of these games then a fall down the power rankings will come swiftly.

4. Misfits

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Has the team that was promised finally shown up? It is definitely too early to tell for sure, but their game against Rogue showed they can keep focus. Their game against Fnatic proved that even in a loss they can still keep up with the top teams. The hope will be that this past week gave the team confidence to go out and get the job done.

In another “prove it” week, Misfits will need to beat exceL without any question. Should they struggle or even lose, that could shake the confidence of the team to go into another downward spiral like last Split. Their second game against Origen should be a close one. This could be a big game for a team with a lot of talent to show that they are the real deal.

3. Origen

Unlike Splyce, Origen were in their game against G2 for the majority of it. While G2 became overwhelming eventually, Origen still put up a good fight. The problem is that they have yet to break their losing streak against them and will need to do so if they ever want a chance to win the LEC. As for their game against Vitality, there isn’t much to say other than it was never really close.

This week Origen will have probably their hardest schedule of the Split. They need to walk into Week 3 at least with a 2-2 record otherwise it will be hard to climb back into the top three. If they can beat both Fnatic and Misfits then it will actually help G2 more than anyone to prove just how far ahead G2 are.

2. Fnatic

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No slow starts for this squad. They took care of their business against SK and Misfits to show that as of now they are the second best team in the LEC. Even with all of the rumors of behind the scenes issues this team looked cohesive and ready to challenge G2 for the top spot.

In order to keep this spot and have a real chance at G2’s crown, Fnatic will need to take down Origen. Should they do that this week there is no question that they are at least the second best. On Saturday they will play a struggling Schalke team, but like their counterparts in G2, they should show no mercy and walk out of the weekend with a win.

1. G2

Is there really much to say about this team? They dominated in both games and showed why they are the best team in the world.

This week G2 have a cakewalk in SK and Vitality.  G2 need to continue to prove that they are the best in the world and the only way to do that is to sweep through the LEC and into Worlds.


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