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Why Mobalytics’ New Champion Section Should Be a Noobs First Stop

When wanting to play League of Legends one of the most daunting things is logging in and seeing over 140 different champions to choose from. They all have different names, looks, feels and abilities. Trying to learn what they all do by playing just isn’t reasonable anymore. Luckily there are sites out there to help new players or “noobs” as they are called, learn all the champions. The thing is, Mobalytics, a company known for helping veteran players improve through in-depth analytics, has rolled out their champions section. As expected, it may be the best tool for noobs and even veterans out there.

Which Champion To Pick?

The front page of the section starts with every champ in alphabetical order and a little colored circle next to their name. Words like Hard, Severe and Easy are associated with them. For new players, this makes their lives potentially a lot easier. They can pick something they feel comfortable with. Once they have done that, they can go to the upper right area and see the circle and corresponding color which will narrow the list of 144 champions down to whichever grouping the player has picked. To make things even better, there is a way to see only the free champion rotation for that week by clicking a box right above the champions.

While scrolling through the champions one can see a few other very important areas of note on the card of each one. They will see a picture of each champion that while that may seem obvious to a veteran player, a new player may pick their next champion just based on the look. If that isn’t enough and they feel like they are looking for a certain role then not only is in on the champion’s card but it is something they can pick up at the top as well. Cycling through what role they want along with the level of difficulty at the same time truly brings a unique and easy to understand experience with Mobalytics.

After Picking a Champion, What Does All of This Mean?

Where Mobalytics really separates themselves is after a player picks the champion they are looking to play. There’s a lot of information on this page and while it might overload a new player, there is a lot to be gained as long as it is explained well. For the purposes of simplicity, everything discussed below will be based on Aatrox, the first champion based on alphabetical order.

Power Spike, Playstyle and Damage Type

For every champion, Power Spiking is extremely important. It is essentially when a champion is most powerful based on its base stats and items built. For Aatrox, he is most power Early and Mid game while mildly powerful at the end. Mobalytics shows this by using three colors, green for most powerful, yellow for mildly powerful and red for weak. For a champion like Aatrox this shows that he is a solid pick because he is essentially useful for the entire game.

Playstyle is based on being melee or ranged. For Aatrox the slider is more towards melee. This means that he attacks in the face of his opponents. That said he does have some abilities that can help he be used from a distance.

In League of Legends, there are two types of damage. AD and AP. AP is generally known as magic damage and AD is for everything else. Abilities in game can be one, the other or a combination of both. While auto-attacks, the right click or basic attack, will almost always be AD (there are some champions who empower their auto-attacks with AP). According to Mobalytics, Aatrox is 75% AD and 25% AP, meaning that a player would likely want to focus on building their items towards AD. This can be found in the top left and is also color coated.


If there is something that is useful to everyone and especially noobs, it would be this tab. Everything a player might need or want to know on a champion is here. A good place to start would be for them to decide where they are playing the champion.


For Aatrox, one can play him Top Lane, Jungle or Mid Lane. To help make the decision easier, Mobalytics uses its vast resources of analytics and shows three important things. Win percentage, how often the champion wins when playing in that role. Pick and Ban percentage, which explain themselves. Pick does change based on each role and Ban stays the same. For new players, this will help them to see just how good their champion may be in certain roles. Normally anything around or above 50% for Win percentage is pretty good. In the Top Lane for example, Aatrox currently has a 48.9% win rate which is very good.

What To Build?

The next part all works in conjunction based on the lane the player has picked. Next to the lane, they will see something like “Comet Aatrox“. While this may sound like a cool skin, it is actually the name of the Keystone the champion uses. This is part of the runes the champion uses to enhance their play. With this tab, Mobalytics yet again brings out the Win percentage for each build. As was discussed above, anything about 50% is great and “Comet Aatrox” currently has a 56.15% win rate.

Below that everything else falls in order. They give players the best runes to use, summoner spells, items to build and more. The more may be the last but most important part of this page for noobs. To start they give players the best way to level up their skills. This makes it so they never have to guess. Then and most important of all, they help with lane matchups. Every champion has other champions that they play well and terribly against. Mobalytics gives a player three of each based on the statistic of gold differential at 15 minutes. This leads into making the most against the champions that counter the player’s champion most.


While the build tab has the three counters and good matchups for each champion, the Counters tab is full of much more information. Not only are there three more champions to each part but two new sections as well. One that is a counter pick across all lanes meaning if someone decides to play Aatrox as a support then that is documented there. The same is said for champions that he plays well against at all areas of the game.

Then on the right side, they have a couple of very useful paragraphs on how exactly to play against Aatrox. This section will help any noob to understand not only how to play against Aatrox but, also can work the opposite way. If one doesn’t know exactly how to use certain abilities or when or where to take their advantages, this section can help. Lastly, if all of that is not enough, they also have a video based on the champion and how to counter it at an even deeper level. All of this is to say they give players as much information on matchups either good or bad as possible so that they can know what they are getting into.

Related Champions

While this may be a very small portion it is notably a useful one. For example, if Aatrox seems too complicated or just ends up not fitting a player’s particular wants, then Mobalytics provides a related champion section at the bottom. This can be based on playstyle, position, build, etc. They give five options and can help new players to see that maybe they do have a certain type of champion that they like and that there are many other options to choose from. If nothing else it will help players to potentially diversify their pool of champions that they are able to play in case one gets banned out or picked.

So Why Use Mobalytics?

There are plenty of websites that offer statistics, builds, counters or a combination of some, but none of them do it like Mobalytics. Not only do they help players learn their own playstyle and where they need to improve but they have combined it with champion data. It is truly a place where any noob or even a veteran can go to up their game.

Their new champion section is truly a game changer though. The amount of information is nearly overwhelming, yet, also the perfect amount. It has every build a player might need, play their matchups and even the statistics to make it so the player has their best chance of climbing the ladder. There is no doubt that once a player uses Mobalytics champion selection and even the site in general one time, that they will be hooked.

You can check out Mobalytic here and their plans to use the old LoLKing website.

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