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League of Legends: The Struggles in Week Three

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A lot of teams looked weaker at the end of week three. Team Liquid continued their streak of going undefeated but their opponents showed that they still have weaknesses. This week pushed some teams above others and made others drop in the standings.


FlyQuest dropped in the standings to third place, ending the week 0-2. They looked strong in both games but they had minor misplays leading to their demise. They were ahead of their opponents both games but they were not able to extend their leads around the map.

Santorin joins FlyQuest for the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split week one
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Team Liquid was able to capitalize on each of their bad plays and cleanly close out the game after securing the baron. Pobelter held his own against his replacement, Jensen, in the mid lane (Leblanc versus Syndra) matchup but TL had the better mechanics and better team synergy. FlyQuest had no chance of stopping TL’s game-ending team fight. They were able to pick off Jensen but TL remained 4-man strong. FlyQuest struggled to keep up with the moves TL were able to make and lost everything including their Nexus.

Echo Fox was able to take advantages of the small openings FlyQuest provided. FlyQuest controlled the top side of the map but it only took one team fight for the game to turn in Echo Fox’s favor. Echo Fox continued to be proactive around the map. FlyQuest’s baron call looked like the right call for the situation but Apollo and Fenix were able to fight the two versus five and secure the baron for their own team. Echo Fox smoothly closed out the game after acing FlyQuest.

FlyQuest were the favorites coming into this match but Echo Fox proved they are a team with a lot of power behind them.

Team Solo Mid

Courtesy of LoL Esports

TSM is a team expected to have a rough start and slowly progress as the team builds synergy together. They were 2-2 before this week but had a 0-2 finish at the end of week three. There was a lot of back-and-forward happening in their games but it all ended in losses. They started off strong but could not execute in the mid to late game.

Sylas appeared in the LCS for the first time since his release and Licorice completely took over the game with this pick. Cloud 9 was able to abuse his ability to steal enemy champion ultimates and keep their team healthy. This also caused TSM to play passively and separate the team in fear of them stealing one of those powerful ultimates. Sneaky was also an unstoppable force in this game leading in damage while having zero deaths.

Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu, head coach for C9, stated in a pre-game interview that Licorice had little practice on the champion, but he felt like it was the best pick to counter TSM’s lineup.

Against Golden Guardians, TSM had the early leads and played to their strengths as a team. They stayed together but then Akaadian overextended into the enemy’s jungle. It forced his teammates to try to rescue him from a bad situation. GGS saw these moments as their opportunities and they all would commit to the fights. Multiple members on TSM died trying to help him.

TSM had the synergy but they were not able to deal enough damage to take over the game. Bjergsen and Smoothie had multiple good flanks, and Brokenblade played well to his team’s strengths. Akaadian was underperforming and Zven was not able to shred through the tanky members on GGS.

They had a lot of misplays from both teams but Bjergsen, Brokenblade and Smoothie tried to keep TSM above water. They played well but there were still errors which led to them losing in the end.

There will need to be adjusts made going into the next week of games. Teams will need to learn to adapt and counter or else the same teams are going to stay on top.


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