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League of Legends: Redemption Week for CLG


Counter Logic Gaming bounce back in week two after an upsetting first week. They claimed both wins allowing them to secure third place with six other teams. It was redemption week for CLG, they performed better than expected and here’s how they did it.

Game 1

Going into week two, FlyQuest were the favorites coming into this matchup. They appeared to be stronger because they had better team synergy in their first two wins.

In the top lane, Viper has found a lot of success with FlyQuest. He had little impact on the top side of the map. CLG was able to make multiple roams top and keep him from scaling into the game. It was not only the work of Darshan, Wiggily and PowerOfEvil assisted. Darshan on a tank allowed his team to focus more on roams and making proactive plays.

Courtesy of LoL Esports

For most of the game, Santorin held control over the jungle and objectives. Wiggily was able to impact multiple lanes by sacrificing jungle objectives. Santorin focuses on securing objectives while his team plays out the early game. Wiggily’s team got ahead because he focused more on keeping FlyQuest behind instead of trying to fight over jungle objectives.

Pobelter and PowerOfEvil were playing two different games. Pobelter remained in the mid lane while PowerOfEvil assisted his team around the map. His roams led to a lot of map pressure in the late game which also made him more useful in the team fights.

In the bot lane, WildTurtle, and JayJ expected to overpower Stixxay and Biofrost. They were able to stay even and stop WildTurtle from snowballing the game. Stixxay farmed in the lane while Biofrost continuously established vision on the bottom side of the map. They also had a better reaction time when it came down to the team fights.

FlyQuest thought they had control over the game in the earlier stages. CLG played better around the map which allowed them to pick up their first win of the split.

Game 2

Against Cloud 9, the win looked cleaner and well organized. CLG held the lead for the majority of the match and made a few errors.

Licorice underestimated his opponent and played Viktor who is squishy and easily countered by magic resist. The win rate with the champion is one of the lowest currently. Darshan played a tank and completely dominated the lane because Licorice was unable to impact the lane.

In order for this pick to work, Svenskeren would have to play along the top side of the map to try to help Licorice gain a lead. He continued to display a lack of practice on the champion the rest of the game.

Wiggily held complete dominance over the jungle securing every dragon in the match. Svenskeren tried to impact the top of the map, but Darshan negated any potential gains.

In the mid lane, PowerOfEvil played Zilean to keep his team alive during fights while Nisqy played an aggressive champion. PowerOfEvil died three times, but he was able to keep his team alive.

Stixxay and Biofrost remained dominant over the bot lane without the interference of the enemy jungler. They helped the team extend their leads by securing multiple objectives around the map.

Although CLG had one bad team fight, they immediately regrouped and made sure C9 could not scale back into the game. Will CLG continue this momentum? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Featured Image by  LoL Esports

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