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League of Legends: LCK Week 6’s OP 5

With some exciting action that took place in week 6, the OP 5 features some new faces, most notably in the mid lane as Griffin was not in action for the entire week. As we reach the final stretch of the season, the action has become more intense as players make a final push to improve their standings. The same goes for the OP 5 as multiple players have shown they’re deserving of a spot on the list. Who made it this week? Let’s find out! As always if you missed last week’s edition, check it out here!

Top: Lee “Flame” Ho-jong (DAMWON Gaming)

Courtesy of: Inven flickr

It’s been a very eventful return to the LCK for the original god of the top lane. After the sudden news that Flame joined DAMWON, he made an immediate impact as he helped the team beat SK Telecom T1 last week. Coming into week 6, Flame’s play continued to be amazing as he led DAMWON to another 2-0 week. Along with his synergy with jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, Flame looked amazing as he dominated his opponents.

While Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is still the star of the team and the future, Flame has been making a strong argument to be the starter for the time being while Nuguri continues to develop into a more well-rounded player. Regardless of the plan going forward DAMWON can rest easy knowing they have two amazing top laners at their disposal.

Jungle: Kim “Clid” Tae-min (SK Telecom T1)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

With how consistent Clid has been for most of the season, it’s surprising to think that this is his first time on the OP 5 list. But his consistency has been rewarded as he finally appears as the OP jungler of the week. With SKT looking stronger than ever, Clid stood out with some more great play on Lee Sin and Jarvan. Along with a 9.0KDA to show for his play, it was an obvious choice for the OP jungler of the week.

Going into week 7, SKT face a big matchup against Griffin as a possible preview of the finals. For Clid, he’ll be facing a big challenge with Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong on the other side of the jungle. With another great performance against Tarzan, don’t be surprised if you see Clid back on this list very soon.

Mid: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok (SK Telecom T1)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

Faker, Faker, playmaker. While Faker has been missing from the OP 5 list for most of the season, his play in week 6 as SKT went 2-0 was great. While we weren’t able to see Faker on too many carries this week, as he played Lissandra for three of the four games, Faker was still amazing, dying only twice all week.

Much like Clid, Faker’s biggest challenge will be coming in week 7 as he’s set to face Chovy and the rest of Grififn in what will likely be the match up for the OP mid of that week. While Chovy has rarely missed the list, a great performance from Faker could easily change all of that. For now though Faker makes his first appearance as the OP mid of the week.

ADC: Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu (Kingzone DragonX)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

While Deft had a rough time against SK Telecom T1, he continues to show that he’s one of the best ADCs in the world. He had a dominating performance in Kingzone’s 2-0 victory over Hanwha Life Esports. With Kingzone’s 1-1 this week, it shows how important Deft’s success is for the team.

With that being said, Kingzone as a whole have looked a lot better recently and look to be a dark horse to win the split. As long as Deft can maintain the level he’s been playing at, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise if they pull off some upsets. While the team still has a few games ahead of them, Deft can enjoy being the OP ADC of week 6.

Support: Park “TusiN” Jong-ik (Kingzone DragonX)

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

Much like his ADC partner Deft, TusiN had a rough time against SK Telecom T1 in week 6. However, his amazing play against Hanwha Life esports, especially on Tahm Kench, propelled him to the OP support honors of week 6. With yet another amazing game on Tham Kench, teams need to start considering the need to ban it away as SKT did in game 1 against Kingzone.

While TusiN has been amazing on Tahm Kench, his play on other champions continues to be amazing as well. For him and the rest of Kingzone to continue their recent run of success, TusiN will need to continue his great play.

Honorable mentions:

As always, with all the great players, it’s hard to fit everyone in. Here are some honorable mentions for the sixth week of action:

Starting off the honorable mentions this week is jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu (DAMWON Gaming). As mentioned before, his synergy with top laner Flame and his great play in general has been a huge reason for DAMWON’s recent success. As long as Canyon can continue his current level of play, expect him to make a return as the OP jungler of the week instead.

Courtesy of: Invenglobal

Finally, to end off this week’s honorable mention will be top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha (SK Telecom T1). While his play on tanks has been average at times, Khan showed fans why he was added to the super team with some amazing performances on carries in week 6. With only a single death to his name this week, Khan has given enemy teams another issue to worry about with his dominating performances all week. Along with the rest of his SKT teammates, Khan will be facing a huge challenge ahead of him in their week 7 matchup against Griffin. If Khan is able to replicate his performances from this week, Griffin could be in trouble.

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