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League of Legends: Heading into Playoffs

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The LCS playoffs are only a few days away, and there are many things for fans to be excited about. With the standings so close in the end, some teams surprised their fans and others did more poorly than expected.

Will FlyQuest Finish Strong?

FlyQuest had a strong start and looked stronger than many teams in the LCS. They were a top 3 team based on their individual performances. Omran “V1per” Shoura was recognized as the second best top laner by Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon himself. Since then, V1per’s performances have not looked as dominant as when he first made his appearance on the pro scene. It is not just him struggling, but the rest of the team has also fallen off.

Jason “WildTurtle” Tran has been making unnecessarily risky plays during game-changing team fights instead of working with his team. He feels obligated to make the big plays, but as shown in 2018, sometimes it is better to play along with the team. Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen is now a more passive jungler and often allows the enemy team to take whatever objectives they want without contest.

Another factor is the mid lane, Eugene “Pobelter” Park  has generally performed well throughout the split. However, when facing stronger opponents he does not contribute to the team while his opponents roam.

FlyQuest was able to take down Team Liquid recently and became one of only three teams to beat them. They are coming into Playoffs looking stronger than ever and they have the potential to win it all.

Will Cloud 9 overthrow Team Liquid for First Place?
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After securing second place, Cloud 9 brought their academy roster to the stage in their last match. They looked dominant against Clutch Gaming, proving their 10 man roster is a threat in any configuration.

Even though Team Liquid sits in first place, Cloud 9 is one of the best teams in the early game. Whenever they establish a lead, they can close out a match in a timely manner. This is something that Team Liquid sometimes struggles to do, as they tend to fall behind in the early game. Their strength is playing for late game team fights, but against top teams that does not always work.

Cloud 9 can claim the championship, but the other teams are looking strong as well. This is a close championship to call but it will determine who is really the best team in North America.

After playoffs, will 100 Thieves Return Stronger in the Summer Split?
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Since 100 Thieves were able to pick up their first few wins, they promised to climb the rankings –  but that never happened. They were able to make it to playoffs both splits in their first year in the NA LCS. Starting 2019 with a last place finish is by far their worse performance yet.

100T is 10th place in the LCS at 4-14 and had no chance of making a Playoff run.

The academy roster was eventually subbed in, leaving only starter Bae “Bang” Jun-sik  in to play with them. Their coaching staff has not been able to determine the problems with the 100T roster, but if they want to come back stronger in the Summer Split they need to figure something out.


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