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League Of Legends: FlyQuest Vs Clutch Gaming

Fresh off a loss against Team Liquid, FlyQuest, were looking for their second win of the split against Clutch Gaming. The featured matchup of today was Omran “V1per” Shoura Vs Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. Two super hard carry players, where Huni historically either goes off and carries games, or falls off and straight up loses his team games. V1per, a huge catalyst for FlyQuest, needs more resources to carry games.

Keys to the Draft Phase

V1per – Riot Games

The key to the draft for FlyQuest came with the early flexing of Ryze and Irelia. V1per has shown proficiency on the Irelia, but hasn’t played any Ryze yet. Every time these are picked by FlyQuest thus far this split, V1per has played the Irelia, and Eugene “Pobelter” Park played the Ryze.

The key for the draft for the side of Clutch Gaming was the volatile Sylas flex pick which is weak into Irelia, and can’t be threatened early by Ryze. The Sylas utility can make or break the game alone if protected appropriately.

Early Game

Early on Clutch Gaming attempted an invade towards the top side to get their hands on a pick, but due to a misstep by Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme, V1per managed to get away safely. Throughout the early game Huni and Tanner “Damonte” Damonte continued to swap lanes attempting to keep Huni in a safe matchup, Because of this, FlyQuest was able to secure an early Infernal Drake due to staggered recalls from the enemy. As the FlyQuest Bot Lane reached level 6 they hit the go button, taking Vulcan down. In response Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo used Predator to close the gap onto Pobelter, and with the help of Huni made a trade kill.

Late Game

Moving into the Mid Game as item breakpoints were met for Clutch Gaming, they forced Mid Lane and picked off Juan “JayJ” Guibert, resulting in a Mountain Dragon for Clutch Gaming. At this point, fights continued to break out every chance Clutch and FlyQ got, each fight resulting in 1 for 1’s. Clutch Gaming then had priority and took a risky baron start, that FlyQuest just didn’t react to. Clutch secured the Baron for free. For the rest of the game it was a slow bleed out, picking off one person at a time, then taking an objective until Clutch blew the game open with a fight in the Bot Lane and ended the game improving to 3-3.

Final Thoughts

Looking at FlyQuest this game, they just seemed lost, not showing signs of life after the laning phase. The macro was sloppy, and the shotcalling seemed non existent. Moving forward, FlyQuest needs to find their identity and determine who their in-game leader is.

Moving into next week, FlyQuest’s record is now 1-5. They play against Counter Logic Gaming, a team they historically have played well against. 100 Thieves is the team they tie for 9th with who just found their first win today against Echo Fox.

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