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League Of Legends: FlyQuest Summer Split Preview

As the Spring Off-season comes quietly to a close, the dawn of the Summer Split closes in. Coming off their franchise’s best split, FlyQuest is set to take the stage to prove last year wasn’t a fluke, looking to solidify themselves as a top four team. 

FlyQuest’s summer split came to a close after their loss to Team Liquid in the semi finals of the spring playoffs. With this finish FlyQuest looks to build on their success and their shortcomings, and strive to fly higher than ever before as they make a push for worlds.

Returning Players

In the Top lane returning we have Omran ”V1per” Shoura. A rookie who really came into his own over the Spring Split. Originally looked at as a one trick Riven player. V1per came into the scene in a big way. The veteran leadership of Santorin was a “huge impact on his life.” He is only looking to get better, and better as we move towards the Summer Split.

In the Jungle Lucas ”Santorin” Larsen returns to the stage coming off of a 3rd All Pro team placement; looking fierce, Santorin has the chance this split to make a bigger name for himself, and not just be, that player who became a ward on Team SoloMid. Looking back at spring we had a look at what Santorin can truly do when he can be the dynamic assertive shot caller this squad needs.

In the Mid Lane the 200 IQ genius himself, Eugene “Pobelter” Park returns to the stage. After leaving Team Liquid many thought he may fade away, but after a strong spring, Pobelter is back and looking to soar higher with FlyQuest going forward.

At ADC fan favourite all smiles Jason “WildTurtle” Tran returns always prepared to jump in, and make or break games; a player criticized all his career for being over aggressive and “tunnels” too hard for kills. But has also stolen the hearts of thousands for his outplays and overwhelmingly positive attitude and love for the game.

The Odd one out: A large question being put forward is what is to come of the future for Juan “Jjay” Guibert, as he does return to the roster, but with quite a catch.

Roster Changes

To some this came as quite a surprise, Jjay now has competition for his starting position. It isn’t clear which player will be starting. Kim ”Wadid” Bae-lin is a Worlds Semi Finalist, and EU LCS Champion (now known as LEC). Wadid has skills to fit the bill, on paper unquestionably an upgrade, but have to wait and see how this transition is for him, and what FlyQuest has in mind. Something note worthy, FlyQuest Academy has not signed a new support. Though it’s likely Jjay will fill that slot.

Flying Forward

Going forward, FlyQuest will need to show everyone that last year wasn’t a fluke; that they can challenge the top dogs and take games off of the likes of Team Liquid, Cloud9 and Team SoloMid.

The largest obstacle for FlyQuest will always be themselves. Players like WildTurtle, and Pobelter always come with a double edged sword type of package. They will either win you a game straight up, or lose you a game. With the new support situation they do have options. FlyQuest has a carry top laner in V1per, a Swiss Army Knife in the jungle with Santorin, a control mage in the mid lane with Pobelter and a very meta bot lane regardless of support choice.

When all things come together for this roster you can expect calculative, aggressive and overall super fun matches to watch. FlyQuest’s first match of the summer split will be against Cloud9 to open the split.


Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest is always an enjoyable battle. While it is expected to be competitive, Cloud9 will likely win in roughly 35 minutes.

FlyQuest will be looking to address the expectations they put on themselves. With the promise of improvement, FlyQuest look for their first ever World championship appearance. They hope to spring to a hot start this split.


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