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League of Legends: Cody Sun on what happened with 100 Thieves and his next moves

Above is an interview done by Thomas Baker with Cody Sun. What was revealed was not necessarily shocking, but it did confirm some of the issues that many people believed were happening after the Spring Split of the 2018 season for 100 Thieves. For those of you who don’t have time to watch the whole interview, here are some key points that were taken away from it.


Courtesy of: Daily Esports

To start it was clear that their were problems between the coaching staff and players. The first instance of this was with Meteos heading into Rift Rivals. Cody Sun shared that he personally enjoyed having him on the team and believed most everyone else did as well.

He was refreshing and seemed to bring good vibes during scrims and in game. Cody added that the atmosphere during the first split was “lighthearted and pleasant”. This unfortunately did not last as Meteos was continuing to not see eye to eye with the coaching staff. While he wouldn’t dive too much into it what he did point out was this led to Meteos being traded basically before Rift Rivals even happened.

With this being the case the big takeaway was that the coaching staff and players weren’t getting along after Spring Split.

Team Atmosphere

After Meteos was traded away things seemed to continue to decline. Cody said that everyone was butting heads throughout most of the summer. Whether it was with each other or with the coaching staff the players were clearly not playing their best, as was seen throughout the Summer Split.

What this lead to was the coaching staff and team wanting to make more changes in order to shake things up. The goal was to try and get everyone out of their funks. What Cody revealed was that the staff truly had no other option than to switch him and Rikara. They did not feel that Linsanity was ready for the LCS, they couldn’t switch out Aphromoo or Ssumday and this meant they couldn’t take AnDa out of the jungle for Levi. So, Cody Sun was the only person they could swap out.

While he enjoyed playing and scrimming with the Academy roster, Cody wanted to be playing in the LCS more. As everyone saw this did not happen.


Courtesy of: Dot Esports

This lead him into talking about Worlds. Everyone has been wondering why he didn’t play, and he briefly discussed the situation.

Cody went with AnDa to go start playing in Korean solo queue early. He wanted the opportunity to get better and hopefully play more at Worlds. For some time he and Rikara were switching off during scrimms. Then the coaches let him know that they would be starting Rikara in game one and then would continue to let Cody know if he was playing each day. The results were clear and Cody did not play during Worlds.

What he revealed was that all of this stemmed from the time that Meteos left. The teams mindset and the coaches decisions continued to weigh heavy on him. It was clear that they seemed to almost be phasing him out.

What’s Next

As many people have been seeing on twitter, most teams are allowing players to search for other options. While this does not mean that they are leaving, it means that the teams are open to letting players walk. Cody Sun was one of the people to put out such a tweet.

In this interview Cody Sun did say that he was “looking for the right team to join”. With the way this was phrased it could mean that Cody Sun will not be coming back to 100 Thieves. Hopefully he will find the team that he is looking for this season.

Where do you think he will go next? What other things stuck out to you? Let us know!

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