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League of Legends 2018 Worlds Group D Recap

Quick Results

Fnatic defeated 100 Thieves

Invictus Gaming defeated G-Rex

Fnatic defeated G-Rex

Invictus Gaming defeated 100 Thieves

100 Thieves defeated G-Rex

Fnatic defeated Invictus Gaming

1st Place Tiebreaker – Fnatic defeated Invictus Gaming

Game 1

The first game of the final day of groups was an easy victory for Fnatic. Whether it was confidence or negligence, 100 Thieves decided to let Fnatic pick both Irelia for Caps and Lee Sin for Broxah, and they soon regretted it. The action started with one of the most exciting plays of worlds, as Broxah made a deep solo tower dive on a low-health Ryu to get first blood, and then somehow managed to barely escape with the help of Hylissang.

Ssumday held his own in the top lane, but that was the lone bright spot for the NA side as Fnatic looked to be in top form. With both of their carries going 0/4, 100 Thieves only took one tower the entire game, and couldn’t find a way to fight back against Fnatic as they rolled to a 32 minute victory.

Game 2

In their first game of the day, Invictus showed why they were #1 in the group, and that they planned to stay there. In a 25 minute victory, they didn’t lose a single tower, and each player got a massive gold lead over their lane opponent. As expected, G-Rex looked unable to play up to the level of IG, and paid the price.

Though Rookie is often touted as the carry for IG, he showed his versatility by playing Galio and going 1/2/8, supporting his team as they took the win. Ning and Duke carried the day with a combined KDA of 9/1/9, and IG controlled the objective game as well. They steadily marched to victory over the under performing G-Rex.

Worlds group D
IG vs GRX – Courtesy of Riot Games

Game 3

Fnatic swapped out their Top Laner against G-Rex, and proved that they can dominate with either line-up. With Bwipo on Swain, he consistently won 2v1 fights when ganked, and handily defeated PK in lane. The other FNC members did just as well, and while GRX managed to ban away the Lee Sin, they still let Caps take Irelia. Unsurprisingly, FNC took full advantage, and while Caps took MVP of the match, each of the Fnatic members looked impressive.

Playing both the Micro and Macro games extremely well, Fnatic gave up few kills and even fewer objectives. Ending the game with nearly a 17k gold deficit, G-Rex continued to look frazzled, and seemed to lack a clear leader on the Rift. With nobody stepping up to lead or carry, they were unable to make an impact once again.

Game 4

With IG already qualified, and 100T already eliminated, there was not a lot riding on this game, other than the pride of 100T. As they entered the rift, 100T looked like they had a chance. Along with the Lovers’ Lane of Xayah and Rakan, they were also able to counter-pick Rookie’s Ryze with Lissandra for Ryu.

These hopes for 100T were soon dashed, as Rookie ignored the counter pick and killed Ryu before 4 minutes. AnDa did his best in the Jungle for 100T, but Rookie and TheShy were too much for the NA side to deal with, and they logged another loss.

Game 5

In their last game at Worlds, AnDa played well once again and this time carried his team from the start. Starting with 3 early kills spread over the map, he got his team ahead and didn’t let up. before he eventually died in a team fight at 23 minutes, he logged 10 kills and secured a giant gold lead for 100 Thieves.

Although they were against one of the worst looking teams at Worlds, it seems possible that if they had played this well in their previous games, they might have ended the day with a better record. Every member played better than they had so far, and they actually looked like a competitive team.


msi day 1
FNC Broxah. Credit: LoL Esports

Game 6

Both IG and FNC were already guaranteed to advance as they entered this game, but Fnatic wasn’t satisfied with just moving on. With a victory over the yet undefeated Invictus Gaming, they could play a tie-breaker for the chance at the first seed, and they did just that.

In an interesting move, Fnatic drafted both Urgot and Aatrox in the first round, preventing the common match up of those two in the top lane. Caps took Aatrox to the Mid Lane, and proved just how skilled he is by defeating Rookie’s Ryze handily. Broxah played well yet again, ensuring his teammates got ahead of their opponents. IG’s only hope rested in TheShy’s Fiora, but even his impressive plays were no match for their opponents, and Fnatic won a decisive 15-4 victory to force the tie breaker.

Game 7 – 1st Place Tiebreaker

In a game worthy of the final match of Groups stage, Fnatic and Invictus Gaming faced off in an intense match. Broxah got another early kill, and Fnatic were looking strong, but Invictus was fighting back. Trading both kills and objectives back and forth, the game was close for the first 20 minutes with the gold lead changing hands several times.

In a team fight just after the 20 minute mark, Duke got a double kill with Irelia, which seemed to officially lock Fnatic’s sights on him. For the rest of the game, he was their first target in team fights, and Fnatic was able to kill him in each one. without the high damage and CC output of Duke, IG was unable to shut down Fnatic, and didn’t find another kill until the very end of the game.

In a hard fought game between two great teams, Fnatic were able to play to their win conditions more, and because of this, took first place in Group D.


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