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LCS Recap: FlyQuest Vs Team SoloMid

Coming into this match, Team SoloMid were heavy favorites as they had a strong week 1 dominating the likes of Counter Logic Gaming but falling short against the LCS favorites in Team Liquid. FlyQuest had a rough week one, showing hints of brilliance, but fell short against both Golden Guardians and Cloud9.

The featured matchup between Team Solomid and FlyQuest was between Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. WildTurtle spent many years on Team Solomid winning several titles before departing for Immortals, then FlyQuest afterwards. Both ADC’s have been in the hot seat since spring with Zven’s famous death to lose finals, to WildTurtle’s overzealous nature in going forward when he shouldn’t.

Keys to the Draft Phase

The keys to the draft came early/late when TSM took away an early Sona and Taric. While FlyQuest, had an early Jayce and Elise, to show that they wanted to play to top side. But that’s when the gauntlet was thrown with Jayce being moved to the mid lane, and Omran “V1per” Shoura‘s signature Riven locked in to counter pick the Pyke Top Lane.

Early Game

Early on we saw a lot of pressure put on the bottom side by FlyQuest shoving in the Sona/Taric duo and taking four plates in a 2v2 Bot Lane. After a fight broke out in the Bot Lane, TSM drew first blood on Juan “JayJ” Guibert, with a roam from Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. After rotating around the map, WildTurtle and JayJ continued to farm turret plates in the Top lane. After taking bot tower, Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham caught out JayJ to get himself another kill.

Late(r) Game

Moving into the Mid game fans were worried that FlyQuest’s composition was coming apart at the seams when a teamfight broke out in the mid lane. It was quick kill onto JayJ that lead to a retaliation from V1per securing two kills for FlyQuest.

Moving into a semi aram stage, TSM attempted to force FlyQuest’s hand, keeping them from using V1per’s Riven which was strong enough to take on Pyke without issue. The mistake was TSM thinking they could win a teamfight into a two-item Riven. After a botched engage by TSM, FlyQuest found the re-engage and ran over Team SoloMid.  After taking the Baron, FlyQuest turned and sieged bottom lane. V1per turned an engage attempt by TSM and deleted Zven from the map, running over the fight and ending the game.


Final Comments

FlyQuest got their first much needed regular-season victory, by finding their footing in the LCS and absolutely dismantling Team Solomid. Going forward FlyQuest look to further their success against Optic Gaming on Sunday. If this kind of success continues, FlyQuest may very well be able to break into the top three teams this split. Looking forward, Optic is a rather peculiar team where they have a large array of ways they can show up for better, or worse.

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