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LCS Recap: Counter Logic Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

Image from the LCS broadcast.

Week 1 of the 2019 LCS Summer Split has kicked off, with North America’s best getting their first matches in of the round robin. Counter Logic Gaming’s first opponent was 100 Thieves, in what would be fans’ first glimpse at their respective roster changes. CLG did end up winning this match, moving them up to 1-0 in the standings.


The first round of bans mostly targeted high-priority flex picks–Irelia, Akali, Ryze and Sylas. Morgana and Aatrox were taken off the table, too. This prompted CLG to lock in Yuumi, followed by 100 Thieves’ Xayah and Jarvan IV. Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin opted for Sejuani, and CLG picked Sivir, while 100 thieves picked Rakan. Most drafts seem to play out this way, with bottom lanes and Junglers picked first.

Image from the LCS broadcast.

Image from the LCS broadcast.

In the second round bans, both teams eliminated solo laners. CLG removed Jayce and Vladimir from the top lane pool, while 100 Thieves banned Leblanc and Neeko. Top lane Rumble came out for Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, followed by an Orianna-Kennen lock-in for CLG. Azir was 100 Thieves’ final pick for Max “Soligo” Soong mid. Both of these compositions appeared team-fighting centric. CLG had area-of-effect ultimates from Kennen, Sejuani, Orianna and Yuumi, while 100 Thieves had slightly more pick potential with Rakan and Jarvan.

In Game

Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage secured First Blood around seven minutes. Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider wandered into the top-side river after seeing Wiggily briefly. PowerOfEvil turned to river first, and he and Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min chased all the way to the top lane to finish the kill. Wiggily then triggered the second kill, by roaming to bottom lane and hitting Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black with Glacial Fissure while he cleared a ward. Vincent “Biofrost” Wang followed that up with Final Chapter, further rooting Aphromoo and securing the kill for Wiggily.

Despite the 2,000 gold lead, 100 Thieves took the first dragon–an Infernal Drake. CLG was not in a position to contest. In response, Wiggily went back to bottom lane and helped dive Aphromoo under turret. Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes secured the kill, but Emperor’s Divide from Soligo trapped PowerOfEvil for a counter-kill to Amazing.

Both teams turned their focus towards top-side after that, with 100 Thieves securing Rift Herald while CLG engaged onto Ssumday. Nonetheless, CLG’s turret plates, kills and CS lead put them at 3,000 gold ahead at 13 minutes.

Image from the LCS broadcast.
Image from the LCS broadcast.

Ssumday solo killed Ruin in bottom lane, and Amazing dropped Rift Herald to destroy the first turret. Meanwhile CLG dove Bang and Aphromoo in top lane. Aphromoo fell to Stixxay and Bae “Bang” Jun-sik fell to PowerOfEvil. The game pretty much went completely in CLG’s favor from there. Infernal Drake and two Cloud Drakes went their way. CLG completely monopolized vision on the map, took Baron and used it for a nearly 6,000 gold push to end the game at 32 minutes.


CLG looked great in this match-up, especially Wiggily and the bottom lane. All of the crowd control that Sejuani and Yuumi brought really aided Stixxay on the Sivir. They set Rakan far enough behind that he could not contest vision. PowerOfEvil was always the first to roam, and Soligo’s Azir did not do much at all. Although Ruin died once to Ssumday, CLG’s counter-focus on 100 Thieves bottom duo seemed to win on the day. Biofrost’s Yuumi was one of the best performances on the new champion so far. They face TSM in game two of week one. 


Images from Riot Games’ LCS broadcast

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